Indie Corner: Neon Chrome (Nintendo Switch)

Neon Chrome – the crown jewel of Neon Corp, some people call it a corporate tower of Babylon. A million people call it home. A million people trust in my care and guidance, but trust is a two-way street.  The bridge into the future will be built upon absolute and unquestioning trust. If your trust score flags you red; you are marked for removal.


Neon Chrome is a top-down shooter with roguelike elements taking place in a dystopian future where people are measured via a trust score. If that trust score reaches a low point they are eliminated. Lucky our hero, an elite hacker tries to fight this regime by hacking the awaken elite soldiers to fight the evil corporation that is responsible for this cruel act. You need to take down the overseer before more innocents are killed. In order to do that, you have to make your way up to the tower, floor by floor shooting your way trough the enemies. During you conquer of the Neon Chrome tower your soldier will die a lot but then you just hack another one to continue your fighting.


Weapons variety is very important in a top-down shooter, and in Neon Chrome there are a lot to choose from and each weapon comes with a specific secondary weapon. So choosing the right weapon for each level is very important. Each time your super soldier dies you have the option to choose between 3 randomly generated weapons. Picking a weapon to  suit your current level  can be very useful because some weapons can be good in some levels but suck in others. Besides your weapons you will come across character upgrades, these are randomly generated and you have can choose between 3 different upgrades.

On first sight Neon Chrome looks like a classic top-down shooter with a great story but there is something that makes this game really stand out. Every level is randomly generated  so this game has endless replay ability and nothing is ever the same in this game. So if you really like this game you can put 100 hours into it and it still feels like a new level every time. This game is a game for hardcore gamers because it’s not that easy to pick up. The puzzles are quite easy but the combat is very hard and it takes some time to get used to the controls. Making this game randomly generated can make it harder because you start in a new level every time you die.



I liked Neon Chrome even though it’s very hard, the problem is that after my first playthrough I had enough of that game and I don’t know if I will replay it again. It’s a shame of the endless levels but I just got bored with it but it still is a solid game and definitely worth its price. I just don’t think that the Switch is the best platform to play with the controls of the game. This game originally came out on PC and I think it is better to play it on a computer.


Been addicted to games ever since I was a little kid. My little brother and I always tried to beat each other with every game so I'm a little competitive. I mainly play Nintendo games but enjoy the classic PlayStation games and I'm a huge League of Legend fan.