Indie Corner: Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

Welcome to our review of the trippy game called Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime!

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is your basic couch co-op where you are tasked to rescue space bunnies, can’t go wrong right?


Wrong, there are 2 parts to my answer, I played the game in single player mode and pretty much hated it, but I loved it in co-op.

Let me explain the premise of the game and you will see why I hated the single player mode. Basically, you need to navigate a spaceship trying to survive and at the same time rescue space bunnies along the way. In your spaceship, you have several weapons, a shield and a space engine to fly around.


Each aspect of the spaceship has its own engine room and you are constantly working to move from one side of the ship to another. In single player mode, you are helped by your pet, that does not react as fast as you’d like. This became clear very early into the game and well, this is where an actual human joining in on the fun comes in handy. Talk to each other and you will breeze through the first few levels without any trouble, rescuing them bunnies along the way!


But in single player mode, you need to handle flying, shooting and defending all at the same time and it becomes painfully clear that all you can let your pet do, is basically handle the defense grid… Not fun at all!


When I did play this game with a friend, I had a blast however, it is much more fun at that time and well, I must admit I hated not being able to really refine my skills on my own. Half of the time, I was either just running away from smaller enemies or getting hit big time.

The core gameplay of this game never really changed throughout the game, fly around, get reminded that there is a storyline after all, listen to an amazing soundtrack and feel like the graphics are an LSD trip.

I am really stuck in the middle of 2 feelings, great co-op and a very lousy single player.


In conclusion, I decided to give this game a double quotation, because it is really necessary in this case. For the single player, I am flunking this game at 30%. It’s so messy most of the time and you are cussing more at the game than actually playing.

For the co-op, I can only give 90%, it was so much fun, it deserves no less than 90%.
For those interested in buying this game, while I did not enjoy the single player at all, you might, but my advice is to buy it when the primary goal is to play it co-op style and not single player!

Single player