Overwatch Boulevard #12

Welcome back once more to our recap of the Overwatch news. I wanted to talk about Zaryas comic earlier, but it already came out so we will analyse the comic. Apart from that a new event was announced.


Earlier this week a new Overwatch comic came out called Searching. This comic features Zarya and is a direct follow up to the Infiltration short featuring Sombra and the other Talon members.

In infiltration Talon was trying to kill Katya Volskaya. Sombra had a scheme in which she would make sure she would go head to head with Katya. Eventually Sombra managed to talk to Katya one on one. In that conversation Sombra revealed she knew Katya got items from Omnics. Knowing that Omnics are hated in Russia, it wouldn’t be good if this came out. So Sombra kept this secret in exchange for Katyas “friendship”. After that we see Zarya who is going to help Katya.

Zarya set out in search for Sombra. We can already see Zarya is not pleased with Omnics at all. I just see that there is an easter egg in the comic. In one frame we can see Efi and Orisa. Anyways Zarya fails to locate Sombra and Katya Volskaya tells her to work with another hacker. An Omnic called Lynx. Of course Zarya does not like this and acts extremely rude and hostile towards Lynx.

After a while the two see that Sombra is actually in Dorado. They ask around for Sombra with many people until they see Alejandra. Alejandra was the little girl who was saved by Soldier 76 in his animated short.

She tells them where Sombra could be.

Ultimately they find Sombra, or better said Sombra finds them. A battle commences and Zarya ultimately gets the upper hand. The important part of this passage is that we learn Sombra’s real name. She is called Olivia Colomar. Then Sombra proceeds to reveal what Katya Volskaya’s plans actually are. Sombra tells her Katya works with the Omnics.

Zarya then claims to go back to Russia, to the front.


I really love the comics because they are so real. Apart from the whole “basically people with superpowers” thing this is real life. One moment I remember when Zarya claimed the robot couldn’t have emotions because he is programmed. It (because apparently Lynx is gender neutral) said then that humans are programmed as well. Because even Zarya was not born with a hate for Omnics.

Halloween Event

Blizzard has a big problem with leaks. It seems that when we are sure there is an event coming up it gets leaked. The only time Blizzard gets spared from this is when the event is more or less unexpected like the Uprising event.

Anyways I really look forward to the event because I was not playing Overwatch yet when it came the first time. I only started playing during the Christmas event. But I have to say I am super hyped for the skins. They look AMAZING. My favorite thusfar is the Symmetra one.

But that is it for this time. Let’s hope we all get the items we are hoping for.



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