Preview: Star Wars Battlefront 2

I’m super hyped for Star Wars Battlefront 2. Maybe you have played many hours on the original Star Wars Battlefront 2, just like me. It’s a game that has a special place in my heart. All I ask for is a decent remake. And maybe we get that remake in the form of this Star Wars Battlefront 2.

This preview will mostly be a comparison to the original Star Wars Battlefront 2 instead of the more recent Star Wars Battlefront.

*All screenshots used in this review are guaranteed actual in-game screenshots*


Not everything in the game is available right now but I will run down everything that is. First off are the battles. The only battle right now is the battle of Naboo. The separatist Droids have attacked the palace of Naboo. It’s your mission to either siege the castle or defend it.


You can compare this game to a hybrid game of Overwatch.

The first part involves some kind of payload. In this case an MTT tank will ultimately blow up the front of the palace. You must protect certain points as well. There are disruptor guns that the Clones can get to shoot at the MTT. This deals significant damage and when the MTT’s health reaches zero; the battle is over.

If the MTT has reached the palace and the front has been blown up, the droids have to override door controls. Like the original style you have to stay in a certain radius of the door controls to override it. Once that is done the droids can proceed to the throne room and do the same there.


If you play with the clones you have to do the other way around. Meaning protecting things from the Droids.

Space Battle

The space battles are back and I think that is something we have all been waiting for. The first time I controlled a ship was really weird. Instead of using WASD to make turns, it is your mouse you use to control. On a controller it is your right joystick instead of your left, this one is used to steer.


The battles are tense and fast. It’s really fun to pursue a fighter from the other team. Another nice thing about the space battles is that there is always something to do. When one objective is done, another pops up. So you will never have nothing to do.


For me this was one of the nicest game modes. The goal is that one party gets an artifact from the enemy team and bring it back to home base.

Lootboxes, classes, heroes and controversy


In the game you have some classes. You have assault, heavy, officer and specialist (sniper). You can also play with heroes, air support, mounts and other special characters if you have enough points, which you earn during the match. These classes have their own special ability and weapons. I like to play with the high damage machine gun the heavy class has. But the sniper from the specialist class can be a gamechanger if used at the right time. The other classes are nice too.

the Assault class
the Assault class

Unlike the original star wars battlefront 2, the classes don’t have predefined weapons. You can get other weapons from lootboxes with better range, damage or reload time. In these lootboxes are also cards. These cards can be used to equip on characters. The cards will enhance certain abilities.


The heroes are way different to play. They aren’t as OP as in the original star wars battlefront 2. I also saw that there will be hero v hero modes available on release. Which will give enough opportunity to learn how to play with heroes because in the beta Darth Maul or Rey costed 5000 points which for me was very much.



Now for the controversy. Apparently players aren’t happy with how Star Wars Battlefront 2 handles loot boxes. Like I said earlier these boxes can contain weapons, cards, emotes or victory screens.

The problem is that people can buy lootboxes. People are scared that the game will become pay to win. But I think it is ridiculous. These cards give you an extra advantage but it won’t make a bad player a good one. At least that’s how I look at it. Another problem is that even though you can craft cards, the drops are too low. In one lootbox you can get maybe 20 units.

But Star Wars Battlefront 2 tried to make things right by saying the best cards will only be available by getting in-game achievements.

What I think is the best solution is putting people against each other with the same amount of cards. So a players with 2 cards are in a pool against the same kind of people. This would be more fair.


Got to say the “star wars” feeling is absolutely there. The music is good, it is heroic and it looks amazing. This very well could be the remake of the original Star Wars Battlefront 2 we have all been waiting for. Dice learned from the first one and decided to give us more freedom. The game modes that are not yet released are very promising and I absolutely look forward to battle with all the heroes.

There are some hiccups in it, but I am prepared to give this a shot. I just had too much fun with it.

My favorite things are lavalamps, Ska, Metal and ofcourse games! My favorite games are The Witcher 3, Red Dead Redemption, Skyrim and the kingdom hearts series. I love all kind of games but dungeon crawlers really take the most loot.