Review: Forza Motorsport 7

Welcome everybody to a new episode of Forza! Buckle up and get ready for a bumpy ride. Let’s put on our racing shoes and helmet and go fast! Forza Motorsport 7, the racing release we’ve all been waiting for. In This game, we will have access to over 30 world known racing tracks, including Spa Francorchamps (for us Belgians), the famous Top Gear track and many more. This game has a humongous library with over 700 different cars. Even some of the best recognisable Fast and Furious cars are available to you when playing this game. The Graphics are just stunningly beautiful and on the new Xbox One X and Windows 10 PC’s, you should be able to get a nice 60 Frames per second. Another new feature of the game is the ever-changing weather, no two races are alike when during your race the weather changes. when rain is pouring down it forms puddles and these are extra obstacles for you to counter.

We Start the game off with a nice tutorial, in this tutorial we get to experience the 3 main different types of races is in the game. First of all, the sport car race, the most common type of race throughout video games. Secondly a more brutal type of race with bigger cars and finally a race with trucks. Big maxed out trucks. Next to these three types of races there are some other ones. For example, Formula 1 or buggy races.


During the races, you have the ability to rewind your race a bit, this is a good feature if you want to really nail a race and not even one little mistake is allowed in your book. When the tutorial is over you get into the single player cups. The first race makes us the stars in reasonably priced cars. A nice race with little cars that are repurposed for racing. I started with a 2014 Volkswagen Golf R with a nice Batman paintjob. In the beginning the races aren’t too hard but when you win a certain number of races you get prompted with the question to turn up the difficulty level, which is a nice complement but for the sake of not handling defeat well I didn’t turn it up.

But enough about that, when picking the Golf R it gave me an amazing feeling when sitting in the driver’s seat. I, myself, drive a Volkswagen car IRL and the dashboard is an exact copy of the real deal which is just amazing, especially with this kind of graphic clarity. For every race you win you get some credits and experience. With these credits, you can buy new cars, upgrades or prize crates. Every car has a certain collectors value and these add up and form your collectors level. This level allows you to buy cars from higher tiers than before. Upgrades can be purchased per car but beware when you go too far, your car might go over the maximum allowed class for the race you’re about to drive. Prize crates on the other hand can give you loads of new stuff varying from cars, to mods to driver outfits and more.

Forza Motorsport 7 Preview PaganiInterior

Before every race you get to choose up to three mods to work with, these mods are obtained through the before-mentioned prize crates. These mods can give you an unfair advantage, for example letting you finish 25m earlier than other drivers, or they can double your earnings from a race. But beware these mods have a limited usage. When they run out of uses you simply have to pick another one or buy new prize crates to receive new mods.

With the experience points you gain from racing you will level up your driver level. When you get to a new level you get to pick one of three rewards being some extra credits to save up for the car you didn’t know you really wanted, an actual car or discount on a car or a new outfit for your driver.

When racing in Forza the adrenaline kicks in quickly, you really want to win these races. These races are very well made and  realistically done. A good start can make your whole race. When you start of and you’re able to overtake almost everyone before the first turn, that’s what makes you feel like a racing legend. Then it’s just getting up close to the first drivers and trying to pass them, when you finally manage to get past them, you have to maintain your position. All these feelings get you hooked really fast and make these games awesome.

Forza Motorsport 7 Porsche GT2 RS 4K Front Right Light

Next to regular races there are some showcases per cup. These are some very cool challenges to put your skills to the test, like driving the newest Audi R8 in a race against only older and smaller Audi’s that have gotten a head start. Or driving a limousine on the Top Gear track and knocking over bowling pins while drifting through the hammerhead and around Gambon. This Track makes me want to watch all the best times of the Tame Racing Driver Stig doing crazy tests on Top Gear. By the way, some say that the Stig has explosive nipples and is afraid of ducks.

The multiplayer in this game brings all of these feelings of adrenaline and competitively racing right to the comfort of your own couch. You can play a split screen of online multiplayer with friends and other players. There are some of the game modes which aren’t available just yet, like the auction house, forzathon events and leagues, these will become available a few weeks after release when the community grows.

FM7 Track Reveal Dubai

Forza 7 is the most customisable game in the series so far, you can pimp your ride as much as you like and also give your driver a complete make-over. By receiving driver outfits through prize crates and earning them by winning races you get to customise your driver to look like anything you’d want. You can choose from hundreds of outfits spanning decades of racing history and pop culture. If you love a personalised driver, this is the game for you!

Now to sum up this review of Forza Motorsport 7! I’ve really enjoyed playing this game and it is absolutely stunningly beautiful. Getting into the first races and going on to win the beginners cup is just amazingly addictive and fun. Trying to collect the most awesome cars on the seemingly endless list and giving them all a try on the track is just great. You are able to tune your car in so much depth and fiddle with all settings of the car itself like tire pressure and suspension. It gives a great feeling of being in total control of your car. The feeling of the cars on the road is more realistic than ever and the sound effects have been optimised immensely. This makes this game a worthy successor in the Forza franchise and really worth the play. A big plus for this game is  when you buy this on Xbox One, you can also play it on your Windows 10 PC with your own saved games on both devices.