Indie Corner: Sine Mora Ex

Welcome to our review of the bullet heaven game called Sine Mora Ex, available now on Nintendo Switch!

Like many others, Sine Mora Ex already existed on other platforms before getting our version on Nintendo Switch, it was actually first released way back in 2012 and now it is out on Switch.


The developers have stated in the past that this game is an homage to the greatest bullet heaven games of all, a genre that has been around for many decades now. While most bullet heaven games have a skimpy storyline, I mean really, do we need to know why anime style girls battle the incoming hordes of enemies with a trillion bullets on screen at all time?

Sine Mora Ex does do things differently, the story is very present in between levels and even small bits and pieces are provided in between gameplay. This sure adds to the experience and it lifts Sine Mora Ex up from “just another game” to “that game” in my humble opinion.


As I clearly do not need to explain much about the mechanics of bullet heaven games, this game warrants a lot of extra information that you will need to know, the entire game is based upon the mechanics of being able to manipulate time! Yes, you read that right, you can slow down time and just manipulate your ship to abuse that slow time to slip past layers of bullets. Time it right (yes, I went there, pun intended) and you will avoid getting hit!

But that is not all where time comes into play, the entire level is time-based. Shoot down your enemies in order to reclaim time you can fly around. Run out of time and you lose your life! It is all so ingeniously brought together in a neat little package!

Add the usual power-ups to increase your own bullet count, the special attacks, more ability to slow down time, … and there you have it, Sine Mora Ex.


All neatly wrapped in these very nice steampunk styled levels, Sine Mora Ex is more than a bullet heaven game, it is an idea on how to take a game mechanic and how to improve on it. That brings me to the question whether or not this game can actually be improved or equaled. Will we ever get anything like it in the future? Time will tell, this time no pun intended though!

There was one thing that actually annoyed me during gameplay, I only played handheld mode for this review and what I noticed, each time I had to put my Switch to sleep, it gave me a connection error upon restarting. I was chatting with my wife on and off and it kinda bugged me that it stopped me from jumping straight in. I know it is kinda silly, but it really bothered me.


In conclusion, Sine Mora Ex is a MUST own for all shmup/shooter/bullet heaven lovers. This game is so well balanced and smart, that you will love it!

My rating for this game is 90%!