Indie Corner: Tumblestone

Welcome to our review of a new puzzle game on Nintendo Switch called Tumblestone!

While Tumblestone is new to the Nintendo Switch, it is not a new game, it is one of many that was ported over, but once again, that is not a bad thing at all.

For those that already played this game, you already know that this game is a perfect fit for a portable console like the Nintendo Switch. Much like any puzzle game, portable consoles often are perfect fits due to the portability and the shorter gaming sessions you tend to have in this genre. Mind you that I am crazy about this genre and can sometimes play them for hours!


But enough about me, let us talk about this game, this sneaky little game that can catch you off guard by how hard it can be. The premise of the game, match three meets bubble bobble.

I can hear you think it already, how do you mix those two games together, well, let me explain how this game works. Basically, you have a playing field much like bubble bobble where you shoot upwards, but unlike bubble bobble, this is a straightforward shot.


When you shoot upwards, you select a color and according to match three games, you need to successively shoot 3 blocks of the same color in order to clear out the blocks. Clear out the entire playing field to clear the level and you are done!

I know, I know, this sounds easy, but trust me, it is not. This game may start off easy, it does not stay that way! After merely 15 levels, I was already stuck and forced to restart a few times by pressing the B-button. At one point, you need to clear multiple small screens in order to clear a level!


The game itself is loads of fun and will entertain your brain for many hours. Graphically, this is your basic puzzle game with some nice screenshots between levels, but that is about it. On the other hand, most puzzle games do not rely on graphics in order to sell their game, but great gameplay or intriguing puzzles. This game does deliver on that aspect!

In conclusion, this game feels far from “just another puzzle game” and is really fresh! When you play the slow progressively harder and more difficult levels, you are hit by the brilliance of this game and its’ gameplay. The only thing that I may describe as negative, is the lack of being able to backtrack your progression in a level, but at the same time, this adds to the difficulty this game brings to the table.

I would recommend everyone to check out some gameplay videos to see how this game plays. It is really available on many platforms and the Nintendo Switch is just the latest one in a big list!

My rating for this refreshing little game stands at 90%