Backlog Review: Star Wars Battlefront 2

Let me take you back to a magical time. 2005, the PS2 was still reigning, YouTube started, the final episode of the Star Wars prequels played in theaters and of course, Star Wars Battlefront 2 released.

This gem is a game that conquered many hearts back when couch co-op was still a thing and online gaming was something for the happy few.

With the new Star Wars Battlefront 2 in mind, I decided to revisit this game. With the game being available for a mere 9.99$ on Steam I wanted to play it again.


I start off by saying I was surprised by the different look of the game. I always played the PS2 version so it was a big difference to play it now on PC. Anyways I am going to discuss all game modes for the ones who have not played it.

Story mode

There is a story mode available. Though in my opinion, it isn’t that amazing. The difference with the normal gameplay is that you have an actual objective. Like in one mission you have to get a certain document or destroy a certain vehicle. In the missions, you follow troopers of the 501st legion. From their republic times, until the rise of the Empire.


Instant Action

Probably the most fun game mode. This game mode just lets you play what you want. You can choose your planet, your game mode and your era. It has to be lore related though. You can’t play with the rebels on Geonosis and you can’t play with the clone troopers on Hoth because those battles don’t exist. But I think we can all remember the “Battle Of The Fates” on the Mos Eisley map. This game mode is the only one of its kind and it lets you play as every hero that is available in the game.


Steam recently reopened the servers and all the Star Wars Battlefront fans jumped for joy. I really like the multiplayer mode. It seemed like such a foreign concept when playing it on PS2 but now it is so close by. Unfortunately the multiplayer sometimes leaves a lot to be desired. Many times I had to restart the game because apparently I was disconnected.

The multiplayer also is a bit laggy but I have not checked my pings. But that probably is the problem. I assure you that it still is playable.

But hey, keep in mind that this game at time of writing is 12 years old. That there is still a big audience for this in this day and age is pretty impressive.

Galactic Conquest

Galactic Conquest is a game mode where you will try to take over the known universe and all of its planets. You will travel with your ship to several locations and try to take them over if the other party has it under its control. You also need to defend your own planets when they are attacked. You can also fight outer space battles if the two parties encounter each other.


The fun part is that every party starts with a clean slate. You only have one unit available and no power-ups. You can buy power-ups each round which can give you a benefit in the next attack or defense. These benefits, for instance, include additional armor for your troopers, better blasters, the ability to play a hero or sabotage the other team’s vehicles. Then you can also choose to train units for the next battle.

I have never been so far that I actually won the conquest but I am eager to find out what happens at the end.


The gameplay is just as good as it used to be. It is fun and it just breathes Star Wars. There are a few things I don’t like though. For instance controller support. This is very bad and if you want to play with a controller you have to map each and every button first. Also be sure to plug in your controller before you start up the game.

Also the AI is not that amazing.



I won’t be nagging about this game. It is amazing and has a special place in my heart. For a game that is that old, it still is amazing and addicting.

If you are like me and are a veteran of the old Battlefront, buy it and play it! You won’t regret it. And if you haven’t played it before, buy it and play it too! You don’t necessarily have to be a star wars fan to like this game, it is just fun to play. Even after all these years.

EA won’t get my money for the new Star Wars Battlefront (for obvious reasons). I would suggest instead of giving your money to EA, give it to this gem of a game, without lootboxes and without pay to win mechanics. And most importantly with all heroes available.

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