Opinion: Why Limited Run is bad for Nintendo

I really think their business model sucks, despite having the best intentions.

The idea is great!

Let us be clear, I think the idea itself of having more physical games is awesome! Plain and Simple, I love collecting physical games and I honestly consider Limited Run to be bad for the business.


Their idea is simple, provide limited physical runs of games that would otherwise never see the day of light. At its core, this is great for the fans of said games. But the entire mechanism that Limited Run Games made for their business model, doesn’t allow for ALL fans to get the game, no, only those that can be online at preset times will get it.

That is so wrong… You should not be punished for not being able to be online at a very specific point.

Add on top of that the limitation of often very small quantities. I get that they need to be able to sell all games or that the scalpers will start dropping out. That would make them get big quantities of leftovers, which is in itself a bad business model too. But the fact that they do this for the fans… I call BS on that fact.

The truth is eBay is filled with sealed copies of Limited Run games, often at double or triple the price, sometimes even before the game is sent out. Scalpers are the only people who really enjoy this backward system of ordering at preset times of the day.


Times that actually really disagree with European and Asian fans, as the first time is in the middle of working hours and the second coincides with midnight (for me personally), which is again not very convenient. Myself, I am at work and already asleep when their precious time slots happen, forcing me to actually take time off from work if I really want a copy.

I have literally 1 game because of this, I once got myself the Aqua Kitty game on Vita because I loved it. I actually bought the game the way it was intended, as a fan. The timing, however, was just lucky as I happened to have a free day that day. I refuse to take time off for my collection. Despite being a very serious collector.

Yes, I do consider myself a very serious collector, our Instagram has often been graced by pictures of my personal collection, I currently own a little over 2000 physical Nintendo games, as well as 2 full sets, namely the Wii U and GameCube. I love Nintendo and have always loved them in my 30 odd years as a gamer.


I can not, however, find it in my heart to take time off just to buy a game.

I can not justify the idiocy behind this system forcing my hand, forcing me to buy a game when they want it, not when I decide to.

I do get that you need to make sacrifices to get the games you want, I mean, really, the amount of Collector’s Editions on the Nintendo Switch is beyond normal. I just get tired of my hand being forced. The majority of Collector’s Editions are still relatively easy to obtain, unlike LRG…

What I would like, is that they review their system, I have nothing against more physical games, I actually applaud the idea, but just their backward system is wrong.

I love for example how Play Asia does it, bigger runs and the ability to queue up for a game. I would buy every single Switch game if I was certain I would be able to buy them at my own schedule. I would not even mind if I was forced to do this on a specific date, just not at a specific time and sometimes just have 2 minutes to buy it.

Schermafbeelding 2017-11-05 om 15.02.49

Last time LRG had a very big title up, it sold out within 2 minutes, half of the fans that even had the game in their shopping cart missed out on being able to buy it.

So many things are wrong there.

Why not print a second run of this game, Limited Run? Why not increase the amount of copies? Why stick to a backward system that only makes scalpers rich and fans unhappy….?

The way it stands, I think it is a bad thing that LRG is coming to Nintendo platforms. Nintendo games are seemingly selling bigger amounts and currently, Amazon’s first three physical top sellers for the year 2017 are all 3 Nintendo games. So yeah, do give us a 2500 pieces limited game that we can order within a 2-minute time frame. Nintendo fans deserve better than LRG and regretfully they are coming to Switch.

Will I buy their games myself? I actually tried contacting them in the past, asking them to change their modus operandi and they never got back to me. I get that they will not reply to a single fan, but I hope this time my opinion piece can actually get through to them… Please change your backward ways, I would gladly preregister my games and fully pay them in advance. Being forced to order in a set “minute” time frame, I will never bother with that though.