Review: Disneyland Adventures

To increase the number of launch games for the Xbox One X, Microsoft has made a port of the Kinect-title Disneyland Adventures that was originally made for the Xbox 360. This port promises enhanced graphics and a 4K resolution. While the original version was one of the better Kinect games on the market, this supposed upgrade is not worth your time or money, unless you’re looking for a new toy for your kid(s).

Disneyland Adventures lets you run around in a well-made virtual copy of the actual real-life theme park. You can talk to Disney characters like Micky Mouse or Goofy, perform little fetch quests and partake in events that are based on real attractions. Since this is a Kinect title made for kids, all of the tasks and mini-games you play are easy, way too easy. The fetch quests offer no challenge and are sometimes so poorly designed that all you have to do is cross a road to get to your destination. The attractions events mix things up a little since most of those missions are unique mini-games, but also without any challenge and sometimes even no fail states. The worst are those that are obviously supposed to be played with a Kinect, even though the game claims that the game can be enjoyed as much with a regular controller. For example, playing the dancing mini-game with a Kinect lets you copy the on-screen moves with your body and determines how good your dancing is, kind of like the Dance Central games. However, play this with a controller and all you have to do is hit the right directional button when it shows up on your screen. Sure, the game gives you an alternative way of playing the game, but is it too much to ask for a little bit of challenge?

Some of the mini games are fun, but all of them are incredibly easy
Some of the mini-games are fun, but all of them are incredibly easy

To be fair, this is a game aimed towards young kids so making it too difficult is also not an option and there’s only so much you can do with the Kinect. Most kids also don’t look for a challenge in their games, but simply want to have fun, which this game manages to do for the most part. The theme park in the game looks like the real one, all your favorite Disney characters are in it and the music is packed with great orchestral scores. The graphics are decent for a port, but the popping colors and the 4K resolution make the game stand out more. The only thing that just looks out of place is the Disney character models. They look like they are unfinished and don’t work well with the overall art-style of the game. The worst ones are the major Disney mascots like Mickey or Donald Duck.

Some of the Disney character models don't work well with the art-style
Some of the Disney character models don’t work well with the art-style

And now we’ve come to the technical issues this game has and hoo boy, are they bad. First of all, how is it possible that the original Xbox 360 version had a better framerate than the port made to launch with the Xbox One X, the “premium” model that packs a lot more processing power. I often experienced the framerate dropping at random times without any plausible cause. Even standing still and not touching the camera would sometimes still result in the framerate have huge dips. The game also has some terrible texture pop-ins and long loading times. A port of a six-year-old game should not have these kinds of issues, so I hope that these will get patched in the near future.


Disneyland Adventures is a decent game for kids, especially if they are fans of Disney. However, this port has technical issues that make it difficult for some to enjoy it. Wait until it has received some patches to buy it if you are interested.