Review: Monopoly (Nintendo Switch)

The Nintendo Switch is, at this moment, my favorite console without a doubt. The thing I love about it is that there are different ways to play it. You can play on your television like any normal console, you can play on the go without no compromises but the most unique way is when you play in tablet mode. This allows you to take the Switch everywhere and play together with friends. Mario Kart 8 DX is a perfect game for that but what if you want to play with people that are not really gamers for example your Parents-in-law. Then I got the perfect game you can play when you bring your Switch to a cosy game night: MONOPOLY.

To be honest, I am not a big fan of board games: they take way too long, it takes too long until it is your turn, people can cheat… But when I saw the trailer for Monopoly I thought it could be the solution to fix the things I don’t like about board games.


While playing in tablet mode it really has the feel of playing a board game but everything is better organized. You have the option to choose if you want to use one control you give to the player who is at turn or you can all have a controller to avoid cheating if you don’t trust fellow players. I think it’s cool that you have the option to choose from but I don’t like they way you have to hold the Joy Con. You hold it in landscape mode in which you usually  hold it but because Monopoly is a rather passive game and you only have to use your controller when it is your turn so I think it would be more comfortable to hold it in portrait mode or at least have the option to choose between them.


Gameplay wise Monopoly the game is the same a Monopoly the board game you are used to play. You can choose to play on a classic board or 3 animated boards that make it look nicer. You can play with normal rules or play with challenges for example the first player that builds a hotel wins. It’s some fun but it is nothing spectacular but in its defense it is still just a board game. The controls are pretty good and intuitive most of the time except when you are negotiating a deal and rolling the dice with joy cons feels just so satisfying.

Board games can last for hours, so I really liked that you can just save a game and pick up where you stopped a week later. If you are a Monopoly die-hard but your friends are not in the mood for some Monopoly you can play against AI with 4 levels of difficulties or play against other Monopoly die-hards over the internet.


Note: At the time of writing this review there is a problem with an endless loading screen. You have to restart your Switch before playing Monopoly to avoid this problem. Ubisoft shows you this before you start the loading screen and is  currently working to fix this issue. It is the worst nightmare for a developer to have this issue during launch but it would not be fair to only judge the game based on this issue.


Monopoly for Switch is a fun party game but I don’t think I would play it a lot. It’s for moments when there are friends over and you want to play a game everybody will enjoy. In my opinion  it’s a bit overpriced for the playtime you will probably will get out of it, but if you are really into Monopoly I would say to just go for it.


Been addicted to games ever since I was a little kid. My little brother and I always tried to beat each other with every game so I'm a little competitive. I mainly play Nintendo games but enjoy the classic PlayStation games and I'm a huge League of Legend fan.