Review: Star Wars Battlefront 2

Everybody heard of the release of the new Star Wars: Battlefront 2 by EA games. The entire internet is going crazy over the microtransactions and pay to win mechanics that are implemented in the game. After some rough discussions between the fans and EA Games, they decided to remove the microtransactions from the game but only temporary. They will be back; the only question is: How? Will you still be able to get an advantage in the game by buying a bunch of loot crates? (getting stronger heroes faster) Or will they make them more of a cosmetic deal? Let’s hope for the latter.

All that being said, I’ve tried to review the game as neutral as possible without paying attention to the loot crate system. I wanted to see how the game stood up by itself and if it was a real waste of a good game because of the above-mentioned problems. When first starting up the campaign I loved it, the mechanics seemed cool and it played very well. Sadly, these feelings weren’t there for long. The enemies move a bit clumsy and the graphics didn’t live up to my expectations either.


The blasters you get to use are a big improvement to the first game, they hit harder and there is a wider range of different weapons. However, it’s a shame that the mechanics here make them a bit clumsy to fire and take away some of the fun that you could’ve had firing them. The Campaign itself is short and the story is rushed. The locations, on the other hand, are very familiar and well made. When fighting on Endor, it’s cool to see an Ewok running around and having to beat an AT-ST.

It’s very cool to explore areas that until now were just seen in the movies, like the above mentioned Endor, but also Maz Kanata’s bar from the movie The Force Awakens is in the game and these are awesomely well made.

For the Star Wars fans around, it’s still a game that is very enjoyable to play. The biggest plus of this game must be its sound effects. They are just amazing, they could have come straight out of the movies. The blasters, TIE fighters and all other weapons and spaceships/vehicles just sound amazing. The same cannot be said for the voice actors for the famous roles of Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Kylo Ren and some others, these seem a little weak. The lesser known characters such as the main Character Iden Versio, on the other hand, have had amazing voice actors that really did make them come to life.

maxresdefault (1)

As I already mentioned, the story is not the longest, about five to six hours of gameplay there. Most of the time you take on the role of Iden Versio a fierce female Emperial commander, her character is very well introduced into the game but doesn’t really get the time and space to develop. It’s a bit strange that a character from the empire does manage to get some sympathy from the players, that is strange in a good way though! The missions are fun to play but you don’t get a real feeling of a connected story through them, it feels like they were a bit too loosely put together.

It does seem a bit as if EA tried too hard to get as many familiarities to the movies in there as possible. It’s more like a stroll through a digital Star Wars theme park if you will. It’s Very cool to the fans but doesn’t satisfy for very long.

The Biggest reason to play this game is of course still the multiplayer. The online multiplayer still has lots of different modes both ground based as space fights; and lets you choose between four classes (Assault, Heavy, Officer and specialist). Each of which has a different set of blasters and abilities. In the multiplayer, of course, the sound plays a very big role, which I already mentioned are awesomely done. The developers chose to add an “active reload” to the game which is a cool mechanic that is a bit harder to master than just firing, reloading, repeat.

Your weapons will overheat and when they do you can push a button at the right moment to make them cool down faster or even give you some extra shots that do not heat up your gun at all. This can give you the edge over someone who decides to not master this. I am very much pleased with this decision, it makes for a bit more action than mindlessly shooting.

So, to sum up, this review, Battlefront 2 has a lot of flaws, and I really mean a lot. But the game is still very enjoyable to play. The campaign is a bit short, but the missions are very fun to play. The multiplayer is very well done but would be completely ruined if EA games decides to re-implement their pay-to-win loot crate system. If they balance it out a bit more or make the loot crates purely cosmetic, then I have no problem with them at all. But when they can give you an unfair advantage, there is no reason to even try playing it if you don’t want to spend another 60 bucks on it.