Review: Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus, for when you want to just murder Nazis. If that is what you see yourself doing for the next 14 hours of gameplay, well look no further. This game is set during the 60s, in an alternate universe where the Nazis won WW2 and occupied America.The main character BJ Blazkowicz or ‘Terror Billy’ as he is also known is our only hope for salvation, he is crazy and armed enough to take on tons and tons of Nazis.

BJ is a member of the resistance and they work from a submarine, they have weapons and a grudge against the Nazi occupants. The story is about 14 hours long and is very well written. It transitions easily between very serious topics such as abuse and an aggressive father to some very funny comedy bits. The cast did an amazing job acting out the cutscenes and this is all amazingly well made.

Some (and really not a lot) of the characters in game aren’t graphically the best they could’ve been, but this adds a bit to the funny aspect of the game. The main villain General Engel is a very memorable character. The sheer sadistic behavior and just evil persona overall make her an excellent pick for the villain-of-the-year-award. And an enemy to remember for a long time.

general engel

The unrealistic weapons can sometimes feel a bit too similar but this is easily changed when you upgrade certain weapons. Upgrade kits are a bit rare, so you have to think before you use them just for any upgrade. The dual wielding is a very interesting factor, you can have a stealthy gun in one hand and when things go tits up, use the excessively loud gun in your other hand.

BJ can get hurt very easily, so you will have to watch your steps and be careful. You can pick up health packs and extra ammo, this is a lot easier than in last game. Just walk over them to pick them up and press the button to pick up some extra health which degrades over time and brings you back to your max health.

The Nazis in the game are also a bit unrealistic but this just adds to the fun. When a fire-throwing nazi tank-guy starts berserking in your direction, you need to move quickly or face a certain death. Most of the regular Nazis have very bad aim and are very easily killed even though they look like they are wearing some kind of fallout armor.

enemy tank guy

It’s very fun to hear the conversations in the background between some Nazi guards in which they talk about the infamous Terror Billy and ask each other if he even exists or not. Or hearing the Nazis talking to KKK members and finding common ground with each other, even exchanging some tips to oppress minorities.

BJ does get a sad back story which kind of gives him a nice excuse for being such a bad ass in the present. We can see his father being very abusive towards him and his mother and even makes Billy take heart-breaking decisions which you as a player have to execute, this is a very strange part of the game but really gives the story some extra weight after which you get to kill Nazis from a wheelchair.

The wheelchair mission is the first mission of the game immediately sets the tone. You just wheel around the submarine and kill the invading Nazis. You get to do some awesome entrances where you wheel down a flight of stairs and while rolling further kill a few guards without them ever knowing you were there.


My verdict of this game is just one word: AWESOME. This game really gets your blood pumping. It’s a first-person shooter that’s not too realistic but realistic enough to immerse you in the story and be really bad-ass. Some of the mechanics could have been a bit better such as the vaulting, you can’t jump over some things that look they could be easily jumped. Nonetheless, this game is a must-have for the FPS fanatics who just want to chill and play an FPS with a great storyline.