Review: Snipperclips Plus: Cut it out Together!

Welcome to our review of Snipperclips Plus: Cut it out Together!

Snipperclips originally released together with the Nintendo Switch back in march. Now Nintendo and SFB Games surprise us by bringing this eShop game as a physical version with added downloadable content. By adding two entirely new worlds, they breathe life back into this amazing game.


I originally got the expansion Joy-Con with the added Snipperclips combo set. Up to today, I still consider this to be one of the best purchases I ever made in the first week of the Switch release, this and the pro controller.

When it first released, I though this game was exactly what Nintendo stood for, a different approach to a genre, in this case puzzle games. You either play solo or with friends, using Snip and Clip, the 2 main heroes of this game. Use both of them to shape the other, by cutting out parts in order to reach the goal. This goal is pretty much what the level decides it to be, dropping an egg into a container, sporting some balls to a specific location, drop a basketball through a hoop, trimming eachother to cut out a specific shape, …


The new content adds 2 worlds, 40 new puzzles and if you already own the original game, you can just buy the new content as a separate purchase or go for the whole thing, considering this game also got a physical treatment.

So what sets this game apart?

The ingenuity behind the game is what makes it shine. It is a very basic idea to make a game like this, but it is so well-balanced and amazingly worked out. The DLC adds even more to that aspect, sure, they do rehash some of the original ideas to finish a level, but they added so much more. Escorting a chicken, running through acid, …


Another bonus the DLC is bringing is the Free form stamp mode. It is basically a paint version where you can use Snip and Clip to your likings. They also added 3 new Blitz game types, while I do not usually play this mode, I am sure some of you will enjoy them much more than I do.

In my humble opinion, the best of all however, is not the extra levels, but the control options that were expanded. Nothing beats playing a game like this on a small Joy-Con when you have big hands, mind my sarcasm, gladly they added Pro Controller and the grip as options to play.


In conclusion, this game was already amazing and now, thanks to the added control options and the new levels, I would call the game even more complete. If you do not have this game already, I can only recommend it strongly! It is an amazing party game and great for co-op!

My rating for this game stands at 85%.