Review: Gear.Club Unlimited

Welcome to our review of the first big realistic racing game on Switch, Gear.Club Unlimited.

I admit, do you really need another game on a console that already has the epic Mario Kart on it? The answer is yes and no. No, because Mario Kart is an awesome and inspiring game on the console, a game often called one of the most complete games available right now.


But also Yes, we do want a realistic racing game too, anything resembling the likes of Forza or Gran Turismo. So how does Gear Club stack up against the greatest racing games out there?

It did not compare in my humble opinion.

Everything about this game makes it harshly obvious that this game is a mobile port of what is basically a free game on mobile, a game spiked with microtransactions. Nothing wrong with that, it is always the player’s choice whether or not to spend real life currency in a free game. A very polished game on mobile, I must admit.


The port to Nintendo Switch plays rather well, but it has some room for improvements. It never really shakes the feeling of being a mobile game, like when you select which race to start, you use the thumbstick to move a cursor around on the screen, even in handheld… Why wasn’t touch made available? I really wonder why.

The graphics are what one would expect from a mobile port, it looks like a decent enough port, but well, it misses some details. In one of the earlier races, I tried to purposely keep crashing my car to see how it handled real-life damage like dented doors, … but alas, no luck there, the door stayed nicely in shape. The paint did not lose its splendor or anything, that detail was disappointing, to say the least. It made me change my opinion whether or not this was a realistic racing game.


While I did very much enjoy the cutscenes and how the menus looked overall, you keep being reminded this game is a port. The storytelling is handled well, but again, in itself, this game is basically simple. The entire game is based on an achievement system with deep ties to the mobile industry. Conditions that will result in upgrades that will result in more and better cars, … All nicely worked out, but not once could I really shake the feeling of playing an overpriced mobile port.


The racing part itself, I thought it was unbalanced and I actually considered it too easy most of the races I had, not being a very skilled racing game player myself, it was clear that it could use a little tweaking in the difficulty setting and actually make it a little harder.

I probably liked the entire upgrade system of the cars the most, being able to pick mods and better car parts, that was quite satisfying …

Where I live, this game costs the equivalent of a triple-A game… For me personally, the price point of this game should be around 33% of what they are asking. For our review, we did get the code for the game and did not have to buy this game ourself.


In conclusion… I know I have been rather negative about this game and it should be noted that this game does deserve a fair chance, but my opinion is that you should try it out for free on mobile. Download it, play it and see what you think. It is your choice after all whether to buy a game or not.

Personally, I would recommend waiting for a price drop instead. As it stands, my rating for what I consider a very easy racing game is a mere 60%.