Review: Ben 10 (PS4)

Cartoon Network has a lot of interesting cartoons and each of them had a couple of good runs but there’ one franchise that gained immense popularity over the years with the kids and that’s the alien shaping boy, Ben Tennyson. Not many cartoons can become a beloved gaming franchise, but maybe there’s still hope for this young boy and his alien friends…


The cartoon “Ben 10” is all about a boy named Ben Tennyson who has access to an alien kind of bracelet, the Omnitrix. This bracelet gives Ben the ability to change into different aliens with their own set of powers and skills. This “Omnitrix” is at the center of this child-friendly action-packed game and it does its job quite well. Don’t expect a mind-blowing story behind the game but the game fits perfectly within this cartoony world. The story is all about Ben, his cousin and his grandpa that travel across the country to defeat different “known” villains from the television series. All these villains have different plans to demolish earth but it’s up to Ben and his little group of family members to make an end to it.


The whole story lacks depth but it’s not like you can ask more of a child-friendly game based on a cartoon. It’s simple but it does the job to blend perfectly with the cartoon series. So, this brings us quickly to the gameplay and the graphical setting of the game. Graphically, it’s done very well. It’s great that they honed the series in its graphical state, this graphical setting suits the game perfectly. The voices match the characters and the small cutscenes make the game more enjoyable to play. It’s a nice change when you’re clubbing hordes of enemies down for 20 minutes. The story consists out of 6 different episodes and each episode can be finished in around 20 minutes. The gameplay is a typical hack-and-slash type of game, but the mechanics are simple but fluent. You can evade, block incoming attacks, finish other guys off and of course change yourself into different aliens and use their super abilities. The blocking system can be compared with the Batman system. So, as you can tell, the game isn’t longer than 3 hours.


These levels will throw different hordes of enemies towards you and in the end, you’ll have to break different spawn points and defeat certain bosses. You have access to different kinds of aliens, all with their own set of abilities. These abilities can be powered up 3 times. To do that, you’ll have to complete challenges or unlock them with a green type of goo. For example: kill a certain number of enemies within 40 seconds. There are 10 enemies which you’ll use in the way a monster’s combat style fits your gameplay style’s best. However, some monsters will be used to unlock a certain area from the current level to move on. These 10 aliens will be unlocked during your first playthrough. You can only use 3 aliens from the beginning. These combat abilities aren’t groundbreaking: there’s your tank, attack from the distant, etc. each with its own ultimate ability. This ultimate can be used after you defeated a certain number of enemies. There is also no good system when it comes to saving… Yes there are checkpoints but these checkpoints will only save during your playthrough of a certain level and once you’ve skipped out a certain level, you’ll have to play it from the beginning and this can be frustrating.


The game has a nice way to progress during your playthrough. There are a lot of enemies and the tempo the monsters are using to get their hands on you is quite high, this makes the game playable without any dull moment. Then again, the game doesn’t require a highly skilled player to finish the game. Your alien shapes are just too overpowered, and it makes the game too easy to play. Then again, this is all from the perspective of a “veteran” and “old” type of gamer who’s played a lot more than your average “child” type of gamer. I know this game has been built for the younger types, but I’m convinced that even the younger type of gamers needs challenges to overcome. These challenges are the only things that’ll keep a player interested.

The game does offer some replay value, in a very simplistic way. Some areas of a certain level will only be accessible for certain aliens and since there’s no way, you unlock those aliens from the beginning, you’ll have to play a level again with the right type of alien for you to unlock that certain area. Why would you do that? To explore and get some more green goo to power up your alien.



The game does have some things to offer but it falls short on the very basics of game development. The game plays fluently and it does have an okay fighting mechanic, but it falls short on story and replayability. Even though, we know this game is made for a specific type of group, it’s just a moderate type of game. If you’re a fan, you’d probably already bought it, and you’ll get the most out of it. The game looks good and runs fluently but it’s just not for everyone. From another perspective, a perspective of your average gamer, it doesn’t offer anything groundbreaking or challenging that’ll keep you interested. Ben 10 is a franchise that will be fun to play when you’re a youngster and a fan of the franchise but otherwise, it just lacks too many things to be enjoyable for another audience.