Review: Nights of Azure 2

Welcome to our review of Nights of Azure 2, a musou game on Switch!

Yes, this game has been available on Switch for a while now, I am catching up on some of the titles I previously bought but missed out on reviewing due to the vast amount of new games that are out there. It is hard being a reviewer for a console like the Switch, where it seems like every week has a barrage of amazing titles incoming and well, my budget is not without limits…


So I did buy this really early on, from the NISA Europe store, I got myself the Collector’s Edition and our YouTube channel will soon have an unboxing video up! We already got one for the Japanese Premium box which can be watched right now on the following link.

Now, let us talk about the game, Nights of Azure 2. Basically, this is a very elaborate take on the Musou genre. A genre that I love and cherish when the action is right and it is not just exclusively hacking and slashing. A good story adds to the joy of any musou game and well, Nights of Azure 2 delivers.


Like any other normal game out there, we start off with the tutorial and introduction of the main characters. Liliana and Aluche are basically on a mission to head to the Curia, fighting off the evil fiends of the night. The main story is about how evil was spread around the world and now it is dangerous at night. Following our 2 heroes, it becomes clear that they will be embarking on a journey to defeat evil.


I know, I know, this is all classic storytelling in about 95% of games of a variety of genres, the little surprise may it be that Gust is the company behind this game, famous for their JRPGs and well, just a great company overall.

As the tutorial advances, you encounter Ruenheid, a friend of our main heroes. She is prepared to take away Liliana, preventing her from the ultimate sacrifice, when suddenly the Queen of the Moon appears… A fight breaks out and then you, as Aluche, …

Then you die…


I did not see that one coming.


The game is interrupted by a big cut scene, showing off the beautiful title screen and then, the story continues. Aluche seems to be alive again, having serious chest pains. A mysterious woman tells her she will have these vampires tendencies from now on and so the story begins…


I wondered whether or not to include more information from here on, storywise, but I decided against it. Like in true RPG fashion, you are rocked to your core and the storyline is just so die hard amazing. It may be one of the better ones I played in the past year. But not just the storyline, the amount of options is far above average for a game of this genre, teaming up with others, attacking the same target by a simple press of a button, … The options are very varied.

Walking or running around is very easy and the on-screen map is really helpful, this is something I often found lacking in other Musou/RPG style games and this one does it just right.


In conclusion, I know I did not touch anything past the tutorial, you should actually try this game for yourself! You will get so much out of this story, befriending fiends, learning new skills, opening treasure chests, … The variety put into this game is very satisfying. There is also a rather high amount of fanservice, which might throw some people off…

I love how the story starts with your own demise, only to revive, the curveball thrown at you is just the beginning of a great adventure. The creators of the Atelier series really did a nice job.

My rating is 85%