Review: Rocket League (Nintendo Switch)

Rocket League, the Indie game that took the world by storm, released on the Nintendo Switch, a console that is gaining more fans every day. It seems like a combination made in heave but how well is this game ported to the Nintendo console? Is this the Indie title we’ve all been waiting for or should we stick to one of the more powerful console versions? Time to find out!

What is Rocket League

For those who missed one of the most important games of the last years, let me quickly explain what Rockey League is. It’s a version of soccer you’ve never seen before. Instead of human players, you control small cars that are able to go really fast thanks to boosts and can even jump high into the air. The objective is easy, score as many points as possible and become victorious. Seems easy but controlling the giant ball is rather difficult. The physics of the ball are amazing, making it bounce around on the field constantly. By timing your boost and jump precisely, you’ll be able to score. Be aware, however, the other team will do everything to keep you from scoring. This resulted in competitive matches over the years but you can still play the game just for fun, without having to worry about ranked matches.

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Over the years, the game became more and more popular, resulting in tons of DLC packs. One of the major packs added the ‘Rumble’ mode. In this mode, you’ll still have to score most points to win but you can use some crazy power-ups to make it even more chaotic. Nintendo Switch owners don’t need to worry, all DLC is included in this version so you can also play the more power-up focussed mode. This looks and feels like a combination of Mario Kart and Mario Strikers on steroids.

The Nintendo Switch version

Looking at the content, this version offers the same amount of fun. You can go online or play offline against bots (a good option to practice). You can also host a local match with a total of 8 players. The team did everything in their power to deliver the true Rocket League experience but this does mean they had to cut back on the technical aspect. If you’ve played other versions before, you’ll notice the difference in graphics immediately. The Switch version misses some details and lighting effects. Docked, it’s pretty good, running at a steady 60fps in 720p, in handheld mode the resolution drops but the framerate stays steady. For a game like this, framerate is everything so I’m pleased the team managed to create a smooth running game.


That being said, the graphics, especially in handheld mode, aren’t what we were hoping for. Sure, the game is playable but I really missed the great effects I’m used to see while playing this on one of my other consoles. Keep in mind however that the team promised to tweak the graphics with future updates and to be honest, I’m rather certain they will pull it off. In order to make up for this, the team did add some epic Nintendo exclusive vehicles like a Mario, Luigi and Samus Aran themed car. Racing those around is extremely fun, especially during cross-play matches to show off your skills against owners of the PC or Xbox One version.


All in all, Rocket League still is an amazing game and offers a nice addition to the Nintendo Switch library. This is the complete package, filled with epic content and Nintendo exclusive cars. It runs extremely smooth but doesn’t look as good as other versions (especially in handheld mode). Don’t let this set you back, this still is one of the more addictive and fun games found on the system. For the small price, it’s definitely worth getting!


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