Review: Rugby 18

We played the latest Rugby game: Rugby 18. This game based on the American sport is hard to compare to games like FIFA 18 or NBA 2k18. Since Rugby isn’t a popular sport where I’m from, it’s hard to write a decent review on it. Nonetheless I tried my best and got really into the Rugby rules and how you should play the sport before starting to play the game for the first time.

Rugby 18 doesn’t get the same budget as the big guys in this game genre such as FIFA, NBA and many others. This is probably the main reason why the game doesn’t stack up graphics-wise. But still, if the gameplay is good and there is a fun career mode, then the graphics shouldn’t be a game breaker.


However, the game is very clumsy. The players, even the AI, look like they have no idea what they should be doing. They pile up in a chaotic mess and don’t play very strategically or even fluent. When you play on easy mode, you almost always just run to the end and score. And when playing on higher difficulties the physical abilities of the players aren’t well balanced at all. The defensive player are able to easily outrun the offense and tackle them to get the game to a halt.

The Career mode could’ve been a redeeming factor but isn’t. There is almost nothing to do in the career mode other than forming your own team whilst keeping an eye on a very tight budget and winning games to increase your budget. And That’s about it. You can play some tournaments and regular matches but none of them feel right. If you break your budget and fail to pay off your debts then it’s just game over. Start from the beginning. The commentary given during the game isn’t really relevant to what is happening at that time.

To conclude this review:
It has to be said, the developers have to make work with a limited budget. But, if they sell their game at the same price as FIFA then it should be reviewed equally. The game doesn’t live up to what it should be. I wouldn’t recommend Rugby 18 if you aren’t a die-hard rugby fan. And even if you are, don’t set your expectations too high.