Review: Zelda Breath of the Wild Champions’ Ballad DLC

So you’ve tamed every single horse and deer? You’ve collected all elemental weapons to decorate your house and make it look like a neon mausoleum? Oh and you’ve beaten the main story of course? So what’s left to do? How about you treat yourself to another DLC pack this Christmas and rediscover the challenge that is worthy of the name “The Legend of Zelda”! It’s good to be back in Hyrule!

"You've never wanted a unicorn motorcycle this bad!"
“You’ve never wanted a unicorn motorcycle this bad!”

While the previous DLC has hardened and tested our weapon frugality and cooking proficiency, the new DLC spices things up even more. Immerse yourself in the Champions’ Ballad by going back where it all began and claiming the “One-Hit Obliterator” AKA “the glowing quadrident whip of sudden death”. You will feel extremely powerful yet stupid and helpless at the same time when dying in dumb ways such as:

  • Getting hit by a tiny rock
  • Crossing an angry boar
  • Eating the wrong food
  • Falling down 2ft of a steep ledge
  • Standing too close to a fire
  • Hiding from lizalfos behind spikes
  • Losing from a basic bokoblin by badly timing your 2 only swings with the One-Hit Obliterator
  • Getting hit by a random arrow
  • Dying from shame because you didn’t save the game after the last enemy you defeated

Does that mean this new mode isn’t fun? Oh no, I had a blast! But this mode will eventually make you a very tactical player looking for the right moment to strike or the right moment to hide and weep. It’s kill or be killed. I bet I could die just by standing too close next to a butterfly flapping its wings. I’ll let you know.

For each of the divine beasts there will be a den of enemies for you to clear on the Great Plateau. If you are up to the challenge you will be rewarded with a shrine’s appearance presenting you various puzzles just like it would in the main story. The second part of the quest lets you use other equipment rather than only the obliterator. If you complete these new bits of prequel story and help Kass aka Iago to finish his grande “Ballad” you will be rewarded with something rather Mario Kartesque.

"This is the Neon Future!"
“This is the Neon Future!”

Out of place? No, considering the ancient Forerunner technology, I mean the alien Sheika and their Divine Dinobots; It’s not out of place at all! This way we’re getting closer to the futuristic Zelda game feel. I feel like there’s still some more story to be told… For now we can go crazy on pathways and record our tricks and upload them in the hope an energy drink brand will notice our triple superman flip over the Dueling Peaks. I personally hope for a loftwing in a next unannounced DLC pack! Santa?

The story presented fits in well and reveals some more lore and another realm for theorists to analyse. The divine beasts still hold some secrets and amped up puzzles for you to rage on! Some puzzles and fights aren’t as hard as what the mastersword trials had to offer but still they can escalate rather quickly and show you what The Legend of Zelda once stood for; Hard puzzles that reward you with more than only the sheer satisfaction of solving them. The DLC excels at rewarding your hard labour and fighting skills. With armor, orbs and more shrines!

"Oh NOW you want the Amiibo right?
“Oh NOW you want the Amiibo right?

If you’re into collecting armor and you’re a long time fan you will be pleased to hear that there are some nice outfits and headgears to collect like: Zant’s helmet, Phantom Ganon’s armor, Ravio’s hood, EX-Royal Guard’s costume, Link’s WW lobster T-shirt and a saddle that will make you spur even faster! Just like the Master DLC you will find these around Hyrule by checking the Mill journals. If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it right?

Overall this DLC was well worth the wait and the satisfying return to Hyrule in this more story driven prequel. It doesn’t feel rushed or out of place and it feels like Hyrule can keep on giving. Getting the motorcycle will require you to clear all the new shrines and with a quarter of a heart in the freezing cold sometimes, so you’ll have to use your brains and knowledge of the main story in order to cycle free and chew bubblegum.


“DLC 3 PLZ?”

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