Indie Corner: Rive – Ultimate edition

Welcome to our review of Rive, the Ultimate Edition on Nintendo Switch!

This game could be the most annoying game I have played in a very long time and I am not even saying it is a bad thing…


In Rive, you handle a spider mech in a maze, either by flying or just by crawling around. Surrounded by millions of enemies, it’s your job to stay alive! Led by a loud-mouthed captain you are tasked to escape a gigantic space warehouse. While this may sound easy, it is anything but easy. I checked my settings a few times already just to make sure I wasn’t accidentally playing on the hard difficulty or so, but alas, no, this was really the normal mode.


As the game goes, you are taught what to do and how. Learning to fly with the first thumbstick, using that second thumbstick to shoot and then all hell breaks loose. Learn how to hack doors to keep going and much more.  As you maneuver through the hordes of enemies, twin sticking your way through moving parts of the spaceship and more and more enemies that come your way, it suddenly hit me.

This game is hard AF.


And the spikes in difficulty along the way, damn, this game is hardcore. It looks amazing and I keep wanting to reach that next checkpoint, of which there are many, thankfully, but still, I had this one enemy, a boss fight so to speak. I had to continuously double jump over balls of lava while fending off flying homing enemies and in between all of that, I had to hit the boss itself.


Needless to say, it took me a while before I managed to take him down.

Despite a very high difficulty level, this game is worth your time if you are into taking on a challenge. Visually, this game is on par with the best of the genre. I love how it looks myself and I sometimes do struggle with the commands. The crazy feeling of how this game steadily increases in difficulty is beyond belief. From what is an approximate 7-hour adventure or should I say slaughter…


In conclusion, I think I said all I wanted to say, this game is hard but fun at the same time, I am not going to bother with the hard mode because I can barely handle the normal one. I love the game and love the graphics. My rating for this game is something you may not love though as I am merely crediting it with a 65%… I think more could have been done to make it more accessible for all, but with the two modes really being very hard and even worse, you know where I stand on this game.

My rating is 65%