Tech Review: Razer Basilisk

So Razer’s new addition to the family is the Razer Basilisk. A good looking mouse especially made for FPS games with a few welcome additions.

With his 16000 DPI accuracy, this mouse does not let down. It is precise, it moves well on many different kinds of mouse mats and it feels good in my palm. It has 2 mouse buttons, 2 under them, 2 buttons on the side and one trigger on the front left side.


The good

The mouse is a really good one, let me tell you that. It feels good and it surely does not look cheap. It feels sturdy. The special design of the mouse makes that it feels very good in your hand.

The mouse also has a few fine additions. On the bottom of the mouse is a little scroll wheel which will tweak the resistance of the scroll wheel. So Razer already gives you the opportunity to customize your mouse.

Like I said earlier the mouse has a variety of buttons. The nice part is that all these buttons are customizable. You can assign a variety of tasks to certain buttons. For instance, the two buttons under the normal buttons work with the volume and the ones on the side cycle between 2 color schemes.


But the nicest and newest button is the trigger on the side. This trigger is mainly used to lower or higher your sensitivity. So for instance, you are playing a sniper and instead of 1400dpi you need 800, you can do that with the trigger. The mouse also comes with 3 little triggers that you can put on the device itself. These are longer or shorter and are there to make sure that the trigger works with bigger or smaller hands.

The bad

The Basilisk comes with a new update to the Razer Synapse software. Razer Synapse 3 which is still in beta. A thing I personally don’t like because now the older version always prompts to update. But my older Razer keyboard still runs with the older version and it won’t run with the newer software. And because it is still in beta it leaves much to be desired.

So that is one of the first things, that I have 2 separate drivers running if I want to play with my mouse and keyboard. Another thing is that the software is not that good. But it still is in beta so I will give it the benefit of the doubt and just believe that it will get better.

But in general, the synapse software is weird. It is not really clear where you can change your colors of your mouse, and when you do find it, you don’t really know what you are doing.

But all the other things are well placed. You can easily find the sensitivity and for instance, the macros or a screen to assign tasks to your buttons.



This mouse is really good. It looks good and it just feels amazing. You can customize a lot and the mouse is very well made. The mouse also does not keep itself to gaming, it is very fit for your everyday use as well.

The only bad thing I can say about this package is that the software has a lot to fix right now. But I am pretty sure that this will change soon enough.

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