Indie Corner: Furi (Switch)

Welcome to our review of Furi, a new game on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

Furi is best described as a rapid action game where you either wield a sword and slash your way through your enemies and at the same time a dual stick shooter.

Yes, this game majestically combines two unusual bed partners, two genres you do not usually see mixed. In general, the blend of genres is actually well done! It is the entire game that is just challenging and it will push you to the limit whether or not you want to persist or not.


Allow me to explain, this game was made intentionally challenging, with an easier “promenade” mode whenever you fail! I ended up using that mode more than once to advance through the battles haha.

The story is easy, you need to fight your way out of a prison and the story basically unfolds as you pass obstacles. You face one “boss level” enemy after the other, all designed by Takahashi Okazaki, known from Afro Samurai, an anime worth checking out!


Each of the formidable guardians you face, comes with their own unique fighting style and you quickly realize that you need your best skills and wits to overcome the obstacles thrown at you while playing Furi.

What sets this game apart from the many others in both genres, it is not about button mashing at all. Everything relies on how well timed your attacks are. Timing is everything. Wait for that opening and head in for the kill!


I did however not like the harshness you face sometimes when you die, the fight restarts but also the boss regains its energy, which can be a little disappointing. I would have liked an “in fight” continue for those harder fights you often face. I know it is all about the timing, but still, it was often a little too hard to get through it. Most of the time, the amount of lives an enemy has, indicate the differences in attack patterns. You end up beating them a few times prior to actually advancing in the story itself.

On the other hand, it is very rewarding to advance to the next enemy, as hard as they may be, it sure feels great when you advance in the story.


In conclusion, this game has 2 sides to it. A very harsh mix of 2 unusual bed partners and timing. You do get the hang rather quickly on how to maneuver around the place and the tutorial does the game justice as it does a great job explaining what the game really stands for! My only gripe is the higher difficulty level, but the rewarding feeling afterward… Yeah, you get my point.


The graphics on this game are quite stunning by the way. We uploaded a video of gameplay of the second boss fight, as not to really show too much in regards to the storyline but to showcase how great the action and the graphics really are. Do check it out if you can!

My rating for this game is 80%

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