Indie Corner: Rock’N Racing Grand Prix

Welcome to our review of Rock’N Racing Grand Prix on Nintendo Switch.

From what presents itself as a lackluster arcade racer, this game is anything but a game one should buy.

Straight from the start, I want to be clear about the fact that this game is really horrible, the controls do not seem to react properly and the steering feels wonky at best.


My very first game, I was crashed into and my miniature car flipped upside down. So there I was, unable to “flip-up, I pressed all sorts of buttons, had to eventually give up the race only to later find out that I needed to press the left thumbstick to flip the car. In the help, it showed how the car handling would work, but in reality, it is not how it is listed, not at all. It mentions some items that failed to respond in any way when I was playing and well, racing games, even arcade racers, they do depend on proper steering in order to really “shine”.


Most of the time, you just feel like this game is fighting itself. Trying too much to be realistic but be an arcade racer at the same time. No no no, half of the time this just feels off by a mile. Unless you are into torturing yourself, I would not recommend this game based on the steering mechanics. I crashed into more walls than I would like to admit, despite not being great at these kinds of games, I do think I do not suck at them either. But this was a whole new level for me.


Another aspect that did not really seem to mesh, the way the camera handled itself. Though it does do a great job at this part of the game, it might have been the miniature cars you end up racing. I felt like I was racing micro machines on an actual race track at times.

As this game has an upgrade system, it might keep some playing to upgrade the cars and slowly make the game more bearable, but that is about it in my book. Personally, I am giving up, this might be one of the worst racing games I have played in a while.


In conclusion, my opinion is quite obvious so far. I will however still make a plea for improved steering controls and better graphics for either this game or a successor if any ever comes. This game does have a promising style but they ruined it with bad controls. Arcade games can be really fun, but sadly this was the exception.

My rating is a mere 20%, I can not give it any higher score than this…