Indie Corner: Oh… Sir! The Hollywood Roast

Welcome to our review of what can be best described as a hot and funny mess of a game! Oh… Sir! The Hollywood Roast.

When I first heard this game was coming to switch, I got more excited than Kim K when she sees her collection of Louis Vuitton bags, I love roasts and occasionally dabble in the genre myself when describing my friends. Much like the game, some of them resemble bad cartoon figures like a very odd-looking Harry Potter or Samuel L. Jackson, but then again, this game, as much as their appearances, is all about roasting!

For those of you that do not know what roasting is about, please go away now! No no, I am just kidding, you can stay and read on.
Roasting is the very fine art of insulting your peers, but taken to such a high level that it becomes an art form, because really, what better way to describe someone than by comparing them to the ugly Olsen twin, right?  You could even check out some amazing roasting clips on sites like YouTube, just to see a celebrity roast like the ones that Comedy Central hosts every year!
You start off by learning all the tricks of the game by battling an old hag that in her best days might have resembled a beautiful woman, in the stone ages that is, she looked so old, that was probably the last time she was actually relevant!
Once you pass the tutorial, which is made to get you accustomed to the building mechanics to build your phrases, last time I had such a tutorial stand out to me was when I was being potty trained, thankfully they do have certain rules pertaining to grammar and the length of the roasts.

Once done, you begin with the game that is basically just missing one feature, it should have smellovision to be the perfect game as you could continually make it have farts shot at your nostrils!
The story mode where you learn to improve your roasting and eventually unlock lame excuses for opponents is where the real fun starts and it is here that you pretty much learn the real stuff!
Once you are done insulting your opponent, you get your score which is usually more disappointing than a free date with your psychologist.


In conclusion, this game is funnier than a funeral and before you know it, you are roasting like the best of em. At a very low price point, this game is a must buy for the occasional party that you may get invited to!
My rating is about as amazing as Steve Buscemi’s ass and stands at 80%!