Preview: Dragon Quest Builders on Nintendo Switch

Welcome to our preview of the new Dragon Quest game on Nintendo Switch, Dragon Quest Builders.

Dragon Quest is one of my favorite franchises of all time and I must admit, I love these games more than I like Zelda. I love the art style, Akira Toriyama is an amazing manga author and his work on Dragon Ball is legendary. I own almost all of the Dragon Quest games including some of the imported ones from Japan and the United States. My wife has actually bought me one on DS last year for my birthday, that is how much I love this series.


Dragon Quest is usually a Roleplaying game, but the Builders iteration is something completely different. You could compare it to Minecraft, but that would do it injustice. This game has so much more guidance during the game and you always have an active quest or a few of em even. Basically, you are the “Builder”. Tasked with rebuilding the lands and reclaim it from the monsters.


For my preview, I am about 3 hours into the game now and I must say it is quite different from the usual Dragon Quest games, despite having the same typical feeling and sounds, the usual monsters roam the lands and well, you do feel like you are in a typical Dragon Quest game. The Building aspect is the main idea. Throughout the lengthy tutorial which is pretty much the entire first hour of the game, be it in parts, you are shown how to build items. You start off with the basic movements and learn how to build your first items.

Once you escape the grotto you woke up in, you head down a cliff, where you learn that some laws of physics do apply and that you do lose some health as you jump too far down. I love how details like this exist, I honestly think that it adds to a story, otherwise you could just take a dive to escape an attacking enemy as they are usually programmed to really go down the right way.


As you progress, you become the builder of a town and you learn all about reclaiming the lands and that you want to grow your little village into a big and bustling city. As more and more humans come to your town, you get more and more quests and this is when the game really becomes very interesting.

More and more quests automatically mean you have much more to do, defend your town from invading monsters, go through portals and so many more things to do, I will discuss everything in our big review which will go online near the release day of the game!

As this game is already available on PlayStation 4, I had something to compare it to and let me say this very clearly, the version on Nintendo Switch is incredibly well done. Everything about it just makes me want to keep playing, I have made this remark before, but games on the go… I love it! I originally held off on buying this game for my PS4 due to lack of gaming time spent on it, with the exception of Dragon Quest heroes 1 and 2, I had not really spent any real time on it in the past 2 years.


Our MyGamingBoulevard YouTube channel will have a nice little gameplay video in both handheld and TV mode. Feel free to check it out and be amazed how pristine this game really looks.

My first impression is that this is so much more than just a mix of two genres, this game feels very polished and I can not wait to share my full gaming experience with everyone. I will talk about the good, the bad and everything in between. Keep your eye out on our website for the full review!


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