Review: Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragon Ball is a well-represented franchise in the gaming universe. Fans have been playing as their favorite character for years and still enjoy doing so. With every new Dragon Ball game comes a new strategy. Where the Xenoverse installments gave us an open world to explore, Dragon Ball FighterZ grabs back to the classic 2D fighting games, just like in the Budokai days. It’s extremely fast, colorful and stays true to the source material. Is this the game Dragon Ball game fans have been waiting for? Let’s find out!

Get ready to fight

Straight from the first announcement, fans all over the world got hyped for Dragon Ball FighterZ (DBFZ). It looked like this game managed to keep the chaos of the anime battles and transform this into a fast-paced fighting game for consoles and Steam. After lots of preview tests, we finally got our hands on the retail game and can finally share our opinion with you.

Yes, DBFZ is a good fighting game. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since it’s developed by the same team that gave us Guilty Gear in the past. This game is a so-called tag team fighter where you select three characters to control. It’s a system similar to games like Marvel VS. Capcom and it simply works. One character fights at a time while you can recall your character and switch it for another one in order to heal. You can also use your other characters to combine combos or launch special attacks to inflict massive damage.


If you’re a competitive player, you can even launch attacks to force the opponents to swap between characters, denying them the rest they needed so much. There’s a tactical aspect of this combat system but it’s never as deep as Marvel VS. Capcom. DBFZ makes it a lot easier for newcomers to jump in and launch some powerful attacks seconds later.

Instant fun

As someone who doesn’t often play fighting games and isn’t really good at them, I was pleased to learn that the controls really fit the controller. The top three action buttons are used for light, medium, and hard attacks while the bottom one enables you to jump. Sounds easy right? Well, it really is! With the help of the shoulder buttons, you’ll be able to swap between teammates or charge your super attacks. Looking at the controls, this game isn’t as difficult as other fighters like Street Fighter, for example. In just mere seconds, you’ll perform deadly combos at the speed of light and this results in instant fun. It’s something that will motivate a lot of newcomers for sure!


If you played fighting games before, you know most of them use attacks, blocks, and grabs as their starting point. DBFZ doesn’t have a traditional ‘grab’ button. Instead, you activate the Dragon Rush, which will launch countless attacks, sending your opponent off into the air. Just like the other attacks, this results in dramatic fights where the camera can barely keep up with the insane speed. It’s extremely fun to watch and the players feel like they’re part of the anime instead of a game. It’s clear that the team sees this Dragon Rush as the counter for blocks so the controls are clear from the start. It doesn’t really go any deeper than this unless you’re learning how to manually input devastating attacks.

Learn how to master the controls

If you’re new to the genre, you’ll be using the one-press combos a lot and we can’t really blame you. Controlling your character in DBFZ is extremely easy. Powering up your meter and closing the distance between your opponent all happen extremely fast with just one push of the button. And yet, there’s a lot more you can master to really become a pro at the game. Manuel combos are the secret here and are a bit harder to master but worth it in the long run. Manual combos will inflict more damage while taking less of your meter and yes, they still look as flashy as ever.


Thanks to this system, the team made sure that newcomers can easily enjoy this fighting games while veteran players can learn how to manually input combos for more efficient and powerful attacks. It’s perhaps a bit unfair that the difference in damage isn’t as huge between the basic auto-combos but I’m sure it will still motivate the veteran player to learn them all. Even the slightest advantage can mean the difference between win or loss in big tournaments. Looking at how this game runs at launch, I’m sure there’s a bright future of official tournaments ahead!

There’s a story to be told

If you want to fight, you can enter the arcade mode or online mode but if you want to follow a story, you can jump right into the rather impressive story mode. The story is a lot more innovating than the one found in the Xenoverse games. Forget time traveling, you’re dealing with real danger again! The world is in the grip of a powerful new enemy. An enemy that managed to take away all the powers of the fighters on Earth. To make it even worse, clones of the most powerful fighters were created to keep the ‘peace’. As if this wasn’t bad enough, the mysterious power waves also managed to resurrect infamous villains.

Needless to say, the player will need to solve this by controlling a fighter who has a soul attached to them. Only those fighters can slowly learn how to use their powers again and will have to defeat a lot of clones in order to regain control over their powers completely.  The best thing about this story is the fact that it’s told in three different versions, depending on which character’s soul got connected to the player. Once connected, fans are in for a fun ride filled with fourth wall breaking moments and a lot of love for the anime franchise. It stays accessible for newcomers but hardcore fans will love all the small winks the team managed to include.

Dragon-Ball-FighterZ (1)

Don’t expect a true challenge here, the story mode is mainly used to tell a fun and adrenaline-packed story instead of offering a true challenge. The enemies you’ll face are easily defeated, if you want a challenge we recommend you to check out the online lobbies filled with skilled players.

Needs more content

So far so good! DBFZ is an extremely fun Dragon Ball game for both newcomers and veterans. The action is fast and looks absolutely gorgeous, the story is interesting and offers a new look at the famous characters and the controls are easy to master. Yet, it still feels like DBFZ is missing content. The three modes are fun to play but some more variation could have done wonders. Instead, the team picked loot boxes to fill the offline and online lobby of the game. No need to worry here, money is earned in-game and the loot box items are all cosmetic but it’s a shame this got picked instead of a different new mode.


When it comes to characters, the game launches with a total of 24 characters, which isn’t bad for a fighting game launching nowadays. I’m sure fans will find the character they like and there’s truly someone for everyone but adding more characters wouldn’t hurt. It’s not a bad starting roster but I’m hoping more will be added in the future!


Dragon Ball FighterZ is an extremely fun fighting game that will both satisfy the newcomer and veteran. The gameplay is easy to learn and understand; I’m sure you’ll be able to perform gorgeous combos in just seconds. For the veteran players, the team made sure there’s an advantage for manually used combos. The story is interesting and fast-paced but doesn’t take away the fact that more modes should have been better. If you’re a fan of Dragon Ball, you’ll absolutely adore everything about this game and even consider this as a dream coming true. If you’re new to fighting games and are looking for an accessible and yet gorgeous new fighter, this is the one you need. Yes, it needs some more content but it’s, for sure, one of the better fighting games currently on the market.


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