Review: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for Xbox One

PUBG is now fully released on PC and with that Bluehole also released the hit game on Microsoft’s Xbox One. We have gotten the chance to play and review the Xbox one Version.

If you don’t know anything about the game, I’ll sum it up in short for you. You and 99 others drop on an island with nothing but a parachute and few clothing items on your person. It’s your job to find armor, weapons, health items and other things to fight your opponents and become the last (wo)man standing. When you do so, you get the infamous Winner Winner Chicken Dinner and you can feel very good about yourself for beating the odds next to 100 other players. Now this review is about the Xbox version and all updates and new stuff that came with it. If you would like a more detailed explanation of the game you should check out the link below:

Review: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Early Access

Now one of the first thing that changed with this release is the menu layout, it is a lot more hi-res and easier to use. Secondly, and this is the big one, Bluehole released a new map. The Desert map, called Miramar, located in Mexico and giving you a whole new angle to play this game. This map will ask you to change most of your strategies that would’ve worked on the first map. There is a lot less cover from trees, but more hills and mountains to hide on. Less ‘regular’ buildings but more warehouses and industrial buildings to loot and hide in.You will have to rethink your winning strategies from the Erangel map to win on Miramar.


A few new vehicles have been added as well. A pick-up truck gets you around on the desert map really fast. There are busses, these carry 4 players and aren’t the fastest but give good cover. For all your on-water transport needs you can now also find a 2-person jet ski. These vehicles are unique to the desert map and give the game a completely new edge. Next to all this new stuff, there are 5 new weapons as well.

Mechanic wise there are 2 big updates to the game with its release out of early access and onto Xbox One also. These are the new vaulting and climbing abilities and a complete rework of the ballistics in game. This ballistics update is less noticeable but very well done, it feels much more natural and gives for more calculated shots. The climbing and vaulting on the other hand completely change the game. When you would hide out in a house or building, you would have to keep an eye on the doors as this was the only entrance, now, however, the hostiles can climb through windows or even up on the roof and carry out a surprise attack.

Another big change is the killcam option. You now have the option to watch who killed you and how they did it. This feature has been long requested by the players and will finally solve a lot of the “I-got-killed-by-a-cheater”-issues. Sometimes people get lucky, sometimes you yourself will have some bad luck and catch a lost bullet. It happens, especially in this kind of game.


Now to get to the biggest topic for this review, how does the game play on the Xbox One Console? Wel, it runs smoothly, as it should. It’s very fun and easy to play with a controller, but of course, aiming in shooter games is always easier with a mouse, so let’s not open up that discussion. However, there are two main issues with the console version in my opinion. First of all, the game is a very tough game to run on any system and you will need a good gaming rig to play this with full graphical potential and this is a bit lost on the Xbox console, graphics just do not live up to the PC version, but when do they ever in any game, amirite?
Well they actually do on the Xbox one X version of the console. The graphics there are beyond beautiful and make the game look amazing. The game is of course enhanced for the new console.

Now for the second issue, in PUBG you want to be able to scope a lot of the time and hit targets on a long distance to minimize the chance of being shot yourself. When you’re playing on PC with the screen right in front of you, you can really see all details at any distance, but when you sit on your couch and look at your big TV across the room this becomes much more difficult. No problems on any of the close-range battles, but when sniping or just scoping with an Assault rifle, this is a bit of an issue.

Now all this to the side this still is a fantastic game with a fantastic design and concept, if you don’t own a gaming PC but do have an Xbox One, you should really get this game. It gets your blood pumping and when you get lucky, win the game and receive your very first Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, you will feel amazing and never stop playing this awesome title. The Xbox one version of the game due to above mentioned reasons get a bit of a lower score than I gave the PC version but still a big one. Check it out!


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