Review: Pokemon Ultra Sun (3DS)

Pokemon, it is one of those franchise the made me the person who I am today, If you are between the age of 25 or 10 years old I am pretty sure you have played a Pokemon game, collected TCG or watched the anime at some part of your life and just seeing a Pokemon is a trigger for many people to take a trip down to memory lane. I have to admit I can’t I lost intrest in Pokemon but with the hype of Pokemon GO! an the 20th anniversary or the franchise got me hooked to it again so I was very excited for the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon.

I finally got the game and I really liked it. Pokemon Sun and Moon were in my opinion the best Pokemon games from the last 10 years and I have put 100+ hours into these games and then Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon were announced…


To be honest if I was 100% excited for the release of Pokemon Sun and moon I was only 10% excited when they announced Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon. I really don’t know why but I have the feeling I was not the only one who did not care about the sequel at first. Maybe because people are over the return of the Pokemon hype or the people who play Pokemon games are still enjoying Pokemon Sun and Moon but am pretty sure the sales of the Ultra games will not match the sales of the original games.


Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon are two new games in the Pokemon series but take place in the Alola region, the same region from the Sun and Moon games but with added areas and new pokemon to the map. The first 10 hours feel almost identical to previous games in both story and gameplay but with a few tweaks in mechanics and story, and the addition of a few new Pokemon. You notice the changes but in my experience it felt very minimal. I was kind of disappointed, Although there are changes it does not feel like new.


The further I got the more changes I started to notice in the game and story. In my opinion it is still too similar to the previous games but if you don’t really play for the story it is okay and lets be real, you don’t play Pokemon games just for the story mode but for the Pokemon battles and the Pokedex completion. If you are somebody who plays Pokemon games for the story and once the credits role you move on the another games I don’t think you will enjoy this game but if you are the kind of Pokemon trainer who thinks the game just started in the post game you will really like this game.


Where the changes in the story of the game is very minimal you can immediately see the changes in the Festival Plaza. The interface makes more sense and is a lot easier to use and they added a lot of new features. The post game in Ultra Sun is a lot better than the disappointing post game from Sun and Moon.


Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon will probably be the last Pokemon games on the 3Ds console. The next game will be on the Nintendo Switch and is promised to change the gameplay. In my opinion something this series definitely needs after having the same gameplay for over 20 years and I think that this is why Ultra Sun and Moon felt like GameFreak played it safe for now. Let’s just hope the Nintendo Switch games will be amazing and that they too will break classic conventions!


In a way Pokemon Ultra feels more like a DLC than a completely new game. I like it that fans get new Pokemon games in a short timespan but you don’t expect a lot of changes to the story and gameplay. If you are a casual player who likes to play a Pokemon game once in a while I recommend to stick with just playing Sun or Moon but if you are really into competitive playing and breeding Pokemon this could be the game for you.



Been addicted to games ever since I was a little kid. My little brother and I always tried to beat each other with every game so I'm a little competitive. I mainly play Nintendo games but enjoy the classic PlayStation games and I'm a huge League of Legend fan.

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