Tech Review: Nacon Revolution Pro 2

Last year, we reviewed the Nacon Revolution Pro controller as one of the best professional controllers made for PlayStation 4. Now, less than one year later, its successor already hit the market. The Nacon Revolution Pro 2 increased the options and is said to be the perfect solution for professional gamers on PlayStation 4. Let’s find out if this upgrade is worth getting.

Same design, small improvements

Just like the first version of the controller, the Pro 2 has a very slick design, resembling an Xbox One controller more than a classic DualShock controller. The buttons are still located as before, meaning you’ll find the D-pad on your left and the second stick on the right side of the controller. Compared to the previous version, this controller is extremely light. It’s even so light that it tends to flip in your hand since all heavy mechanics are located in the back of the controller. Professional gamers shouldn’t be worried since the controller comes with small weights you can insert in the front of the controller. Since you’ll get several weights included, you’ll definitely be able to create the perfect balance for your session.


Aside from that, the controller really feels soft in your hands and the material enables you to keep a good grip, even during the more intense games. One of the biggest and best innovations in this second version is the inclusion of a USB-C cable. Instead of twisting your cable in its place (like you had to do before), you can simply insert the USB-C to the back of the controller, similar to what you do with your DualShock 4 in order to charge it. The cable isn’t used for charging however, the Nacon Revolution Pro 2 controller still isn’t wireless. Of course, this makes sense, since this is a controller aimed at the eSports market, the users can’t afford to lose their connection to a bad wireless signal. The cable clicks in firmly, you won’t disconnect even if you move your controller a lot during playing. An important feature for a wired controller if you ask us!

More features, more fun

Just like the first Nacon controller, you can easily create and save shortcuts using one of the four buttons on the back of the controller. The big innovation here is that the right controller will light up, indicating which shortcut you’re currently using. Since you can easily switch between these shortcuts, it’s an impressive feature to have while playing. Fans of Nacon will also be pleased with the fact that the software has been improved a lot. Apple users can now use it on iOS as well. The software goes very deep and really enables you to create the most perfect settings for your comfort. It’s a shame you still have to use the computer and can’t get the app running on PlayStation 4, which would have been even better.


The fun doesn’t stop there, you now have dual customisable stick which means the left stick is now fully customisable too! The static dead zone and response curve of both sticks can be adjusted via the PC/Mac companion app. The left concave and right convex sticks have been designed to give you the grip you need when the stakes are high.

Besides the stick, you can also adjust the D-pad to 4 or 8 directions. This 8-way directional pad is perfect for any fighting game and will give you a real advantage in competition. It features 4 extra-large wings, to make sure you never lose control. The angled wings allow for a quick orientation for the thumb


The Nacon Revolution Pro 2 controller is an upgrade compared to the first version. It offers more options to allow an even smoother gameplay. This controller is meant for the professional market but that doesn’t mean the more casual gamer can’t enjoy it. This controller offers you a lot of freedom and possibilities to make sure you’re ready for any type of game. If you’re looking for a new PlayStation 4 controller, this should certainly be on your list.

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