Indie Corner: Vesta

Welcome to our review of another gem to appear on Switch, this one is called Vesta!

Vesta is a witty 6-year-old girl who lives in a desolate underground maze – the ruins of a once-bright city inhabited by humans and perfect machines. Although this world can be lonely, she is kept company by her friend BOT. It advises her and encourages her to do the tasks she is assigned, although it knows much more than it lets on. In order to survive in this passive yet hostile environment, BOT will give Vesta a real helper – DROID. He may be a bit rough around the edges, but he’ll handle physical tasks that would be impossible for a fully grown adult, let alone a little girl. Besides, he is the perfect weapon to defend against the dangers lurking in the remains of this abandoned complex.


Set in a stunning environment, it is your duty to pass through the 36 levels of the game as Vesta and find out the truth about her own story. This game is all about properly managing the resources in the level and at the same time handle 2 characters, either Vesta or the impressive Droid.

Everything about this game screams out loud, this is a great puzzle game, reminiscing of the dungeons in the old skool Zelda or Yono. It really is that great.


With a slower speed, you are a 6-year-old girl after all, you walk through the levels, finding secrets along the way, but basically, you are looking for energy that you take or give. You can store a set amount of them, more as the game progresses.

Same for Droid, he is your main weapon, he can take out obstacles, move them or temporarily disable your enemies after which Vesta can rob them of their energy, permanently disabling them. This game is just amazing and the first time you accidentally throw away Vesta while she is sitting on Droid’s shoulders, that is hilarious.


When you die, you need to restart the level from scratch, which can get a little annoying, but persistence brings the joy of getting to the end.

Graphically, this game is really nice and it does have a futuristic feel while playing, not just because of Droid, but really overall, this is what I’d imagine a desolate future would look like.


In conclusion, Vesta is pretty awesome, though slow and sometimes a pain in the ass when you mess up yourself. Vesta brings a very old style dungeon solving puzzle action to the Nintendo Switch and the big part here, you get to take this game everywhere. I loved playing it during my breaks at work and I will keep lending a hand to Vesta and Droid so they can find out the truth.

I would recommend this game to everyone who liked Yono or the older generation Zelda games. My rating for this game is 90%.


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