Indie Corner: Brawl (Switch)

Welcome to our review of Brawl, a game released on Nintendo Switch.

Allow me to start with a disclaimer, my screenshots are not representative of how this game feels and plays. When you see them, you will instantly link the gameplay to Bomberman, which is quite normal. Really, it seems like you are using bombs in an area reminiscing of one of the older franchises around. But it is more, it is much more. It brings a great storyline that you really should check out.


The gameplay is actually a lot like Bomberman, but it presents itself as a puzzle game infused with action. It is not my first time saying this, but the strange bed partners that these genres represent, they make for a rather fun experience! So how does it play?

Take the basic Bomberman mechanics, walk around avoiding enemies or place bombs at very specific places to take em out. Add in an actual puzzle mechanic, where you need to solve puzzles in order to pass through obstacles like blazes of fire or wooden crates that you need to destroy in order to advance. In my own playthrough, I had to sneeze into metal spheres in order to “fire” them at the crates, clearing the way. It brings more fun than you’d originally expect.


I must be honest, while I did clear the Bomberman R game on Switch, it was not that it was that great. It actually came out in the beginning of the Switch’s life and well, it took a few weeks back then in between bigger games, not like the mass releases we are seeing lately. But do not get me wrong, I prefer the gazillions of games we are getting, just hate not being able to really finish every game I want. I keep getting distracted by the new shiny toy sitting on the eShop/shops’ shelf.


Once you pass the first few easy levels, the game slowly but steadily gets more interesting. It adds minions to the fray, which are a real challenge at times. They sometimes literally seem to hunt you down. I am having way more fun with this game than I originally anticipated. I also quickly learned some cool bonus moves in order to get by faster. One being the drop a bomb and sneeze on it, making it fly off in a direction, allowing you to block a minion.

The game is fun and the comic style graphics, similar to games like Mr Shifty, they really just make it complete. This game is a fresh approach to a “stale” genre and is just fun overall!


In conclusion, this game is really worth checking out. Bringing a fun new approach to a genre that was left in the dark for ages. The developers brought in an eerie atmosphere, a great story and a successful game overall. I would really recommend giving this game a try if you liked the original Bomberman franchise, but be prepared to get so much more.

My rating for this game, despite only being at 80%, was a hard nut to crack. I do think the audience for this game might be too limited, though I loved it. The graphics were cool, the gameplay was nice and smartly done. I am just afraid this game might not be for everyone, though I do insist you should check it out more!


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