Indie Corner: Dustoff Heli Rescue II

Welcome to our review of a new game on Nintendo Switch called Dustoff Heli Rescue II.

Leave no one behind! Pilot advanced combat helicopters in enemy territory!

Jump into the hot seat of a combat helicopter and fly behind enemy lines under heavy fire as you search and rescue hostages! Play through 35 tense missions that include rescuing hostages, providing air support, protecting convoys and of course wiping out the enemy. Tackle windy deserts, snow storms, blazing forests and weave through underground caves in search for your men. Fly 12 different machines and gradually upgrade each with more powerful guns, rockets and missiles as you take the fight to the enemy!
Another day, another indie is what applies nowadays, the vast amount of indie games often means you might be missing out on some amazing games. Sadly this is not the one for me.
As the game goes and after finishing the tutorial, you are thrown into the game with no real feeling as to how to fly your helicopter. Which is the entire point of the game. Getting to really learn how to fly and to do this before you want to give up.
Controls are not the best and I wish they would be improved as I do think this game is very promising. Sporting some great old school graphics, the gameplay is very reminiscing of old games like Choplifter, …
The main premise is not to die! No really, it is so easy to die in this game, either by flying into a house or managing to land your chopper upside down, I still wonder how I did that. Not just once, but four times now.
At one point, just the 4th level of the game… I ended up starting my mission without having any ammo at hand. That is how much I ended up paying attention while playing. Finishing a level sure is a great feeling, but mostly for me, all is about not dying. Half of the time, I start a new level, just fly around real fast so I do not get hit but get a feel for the landscape.
See where I need to pick up the people I need to rescue, where to land, where to repair my chopper, … It is a very helpful technique that is necessary to just get an easier level.
I wish I would be able to really like this game, I loved the older style games, retro graphics can be such an added bonus when playing some games but alas, this game did not do it for me.
In conclusion, to be blunt, I think this game is just another pea in the pod. It does not really stand out. It is a rather challenging one too.
It was not for me, you might like it, but I did not. The controls felt clunky and I never had a real feeling that I wanted to keep playing.
My rating is 40%.

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