Indie Corner: Shadow Of Loot Box

Games have evolved a lot. It is crazy to see how games went from arcade type games, to the million dollar business it has become today. Unfortunately, that popularity has also corrupted the industry to some degree. This game called Shadow Of Loot Box calls out everything wrong with the gaming industry.

The Game

SOL (Shadow of Loot Box) is a humorous puzzle game and a homage to modern gaming. The game revolves around finding a key. To do that you need to do quests, fight monsters (in the shape of loot boxes) and basically try to get as far as possible.


Seven (?) Deadly Sins

The value of this game lies in the way they portray modern gaming trends. It basically is a gamer fever dream. There are loot boxes, pay to win mechanics and just in general money grabbing. We have just recovered from the Star Wars Battlefront 2 fiasco, but SOL is basically a game dedicated to what STB did wrong.

The game revolves around loot boxes. You have a variety of guns, but the only ammo you have comes out of loot boxes, which you can buy in the game. The enemies are loot boxes as well.


In the game, you can buy upgrades which pretty much makes it a pay to win game. But when you start up the game you have 50 in-game dollars. With this money, you also need to buy skills.

When you start the game you can’t jump, sprint or interact with objects. You get to buy these in the first levels.

Before anyone attacks this game for being pay to win, you can’t add any extra money to the game.

The levels

The levels look amazing! There are normal wood levels, tropical levels and dungeons. The design in these levels is nice as well. One level I remember resolved around stupid achievements. Like jumping so many times, getting 5 boxes, doing this and that, …


Sometimes the levels seem a bit empty because they are full of the same. By this, I mean that there aren’t many different objects in the levels. One level had a town, a forest with enemies in it and some peasants in the village. That pretty much was it. Combined with the repeating music, the levels quickly got rather hard to play through.

But you can’t expect much more from a cheap indie game.


The conclusion

I really like this game. It is fun, the controls are very good and it’s entertaining. It’s also pretty challenging. The game isn’t that easy.

There are also really good references and there are just a ton of funny moments in general. If you follow games, and know about the controversies that surround them, this game is perfect for you!

The Good The Bad
Fluent gameplay Repetitive music
Numerous references
Pretty levels

My favorite things are lavalamps, Ska, Metal and ofcourse games! My favorite games are The Witcher 3, Red Dead Redemption, Skyrim and the kingdom hearts series. I love all kind of games but dungeon crawlers really take the most loot.