Review: Dragon Quest Builders for Nintendo Switch

Welcome to our full review of Dragon Quest Builders for Nintendo Switch, a game that majestically combines two genres you would not expect together!

Dragon Quest Builders for Nintendo Switch is a perfect blend of a building game and a Role playing game. It’s also basically the blend of Minecraft and a Dragon Quest game. A very unusual mix between 2 strange bed partners as there are very few other games that try to really blend these two genres together.


On one side, you got that building mechanic that made Minecraft one of the most lucrative franchises where you build anything you can think of, only limited by your imagination really. Whether you build a town or just go all out and build the spitting image of a famous person, this game provides it all.

On the other side, you get one of the best Role playing game franchises in the world, in my humble opinion this one might really be better than the other prime titles out there, I’m thinking Final Fantasy, Suikoden, Mana, …. Dragon Quest has it all, including a top-notch manga author providing us with the graphics, none other than Akira Toriyama of Dragon Ball fame designed the characters, … What more does someone need, right?

So how does one blend these two genres into the perfect mix that is Dragon Quest Builders?


You take the best parts of both games, the building mechanic on one side and the story driven mechanic on the other side. Bam! You got this new game that just looks awesome on the go. We got a video up on YouTube showcasing how awesome this game really is, be sure to check it out.

I always thought the lack of direction and a storyline in most building games is what prevented me from really enjoying them. Enter Dragon Quest Builders. You are the Builder, the person that can rebuild the world after being attacked by the forces of evil. As you progress through the story, you are rebuilding your town with the help of everyone you meet along the way or those that just show up randomly…


Be it a loud-mouthed guy or just your everyday cute girl, they will all continuously task you around, making your small village grow bigger and eventually into a true safe haven. Though be aware, as you progress, the forces of evil become aware of your presence and will start attacking your hometown. Often destroying the outer walls or even more damage, depending how far down the game you are.

As with every game, you obviously upgrade yourself along the way, this, however, does not limit itself to pure power, no no, you also get a vast amount of new items to craft. This is basically your typical infinite loop of harvesting items to craft new items which in turn will help you craft other items. The big thing here, get yourself the big treasure chest, the one that automatically sends any harvested items into it, even when your limited item slots are taken.


The versatility is really enormous. When you pass the smaller quests given to you by your fellow villagers, they often reward you with seeds of life, the one true power up to the Builder, as this increases his life force. As you learn to craft more and more, eventually you do learn to craft better outfits as well and nothing beats the feeling of replacing the rags you start off with, by some very fine and elegant knight clothes.

The one big downside, I dislike how the leveling up of the village happens. As you craft more and better items, you do get more and more experience points for your town, but sadly, the size of the town is what you are stuck with. I tried making mine a lot bigger, intend on building more bedrooms and chest rooms, but alas, this did nothing for my big plan. I was able to build into the air, adding stories to places I had already built. But I felt this approach to be annoying. I could never really look into the newly built stories as the camera never really helped me.

I did end up building a rather high building of 3 or 4 stories, where I just stacked random pots and chests into the room, adding to the experience points, but really it felt just like a waste of time. As much as I like to play this game and sing its praises, this part annoyed me. Why not give me an upgraded village with more physical space?

The use of the menus is another thing I want to mention. As this game is very elaborate, with numerous hours per island, to which you travel by means of portals and even more work to really make your town flourish, the game has an excellent tutorial. It slowly shows you all the ups and downs, teaches you what to do, keeping you involved along the way. With the occasionally missed button press along the way, this game is well-balanced in more than one way.


In conclusion, this game is near perfect. I mean it, the building aspect, the direction the story provides, learning new crafts along the way and so much more. This game brings a lot to the table. Aside from the aforementioned bad parts, this game does deliver a great experience and should be tried out for real. Luckily a demo has been provided so everyone can try out part of the game prior to a possible purchase.

Personally speaking, despite already owning it digitally, I will be buying it physically as well. This game is awesome and I want to own it and not just digital.


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