Review: Monster Hunter World

“The new world, an uncharted world ready to be conquered!”

The Monster Hunter franchise has been one of the most popular game series ever made. People are eagerly excited for this next new Monster Hunter game, especially because it’s Capcom’s attempt to make this franchise big in the West. This attempt will be difficult for Capcom because you must consider two crowds that’ll fuel this launch: the newbies and the veteran players. The balance between these groups must be just right because of the dedicated fanbase. However, Capcom made an outstanding RPG that’ll lure those veteran beasts in and it will seriously catch the eyes of young explorers, but keep in mind this game also has a bit of a learning curve…



Capcom’s Monster Hunter series is a big one, even though it always had some difficulties about implementing interesting and yet easy-to-use battle systems, beloved fans always come back to get head-to-head with all those magnificent beasts in the new world. If you liked the franchise, you’ll probably already bought the game but for all those new players, even though this game looks intriguing and complex, if you want a great RPG, just hang on, learn about the game and take the game head on! You won’t regret it!

“Every monster has its own way of “fitting in” and it’s a joy to see.”


Monster Hunter World, isn’t an easy ride through the park. It’s a game that tries to explain every single bit the game has to offer and unfortunately doesn’t succeed but the moment you start playing and sink in some hours, you’ll find a diamond underneath the dirt. Not everything within this game has been chewed and spit out, so you can eat it without problems. If you’re interested enough, you’ll build up your experience along the way, even if you have to search different things on Google, the game will make it worth your while. Because every single information, you’ll find on the internet can make a big difference. Monster Hunter World is a bit like “Dark Souls”, every move you make can have a consequence. This can be positive, or it can even mean your death. The game’s concept is all about exploring this new world and conquer the threats that live on this island. Not every threat will be a big virtual sponge that’ll eat up all your damage and do nothing about it. These animals interact with their environment to create a dangerous hazard. You’ll be facing colossal monsters that’ll flee when the battle gets rough or maybe they call upon friends, so be ready for that! Sometimes, you’ll even feel like the hunter has become the hunted while a giant T-Rex like creature swoops in to kill you and the monster you’re hunting. Different battles can take a great amount of time to be completed, so you’ll have to be prepared to make a mission successful. There are so many elements to consider before heading out and that’s what makes the game such a blast to play. After many hours, I still enjoy the fact that every monster has its own way of “fitting in” and it’s a joy to see.


As a Monster Hunter, you’re able to go to your armory and stock up for the next adventure. Take some armor pieces, upgrade stats, buy helpful potions and of course one of the 14 weapons that are to your liking. Every weapon has its advantages and disadvantages, you’ll have big weapons that’ll eat up a great part of the monster’s health bar, but it will take a long time to land a blow on top of the monster to create this big damage. Other weapons will have unique skills that’ll boost your damage, but this kind of energy can only be released if you’re an expert in performing combos. Dodging from a reign of fire, getting support from your companion, jumping on the back of Anianath to cut through its spine, … Everything feels right.


Of course, other weapons will be quicker than your shadow, but it’ll do small chunks of damage. Anyhow, you have 14 different weapons with different skills and combo’s, but you can easily picture this system as a new way of battling, each time you pick another weapon. The weapons are very varied and a blast to use. If a certain weapon doesn’t fit your playstyle, don’t worry the game lets you switch weapons each time you go on a quest. Of course, this is for the best as each monster will have its weaknesses, so better bring a weapon that’ll max out your damage. Don’t forget that each weapon type will have different upgrades within the game to make it a lot stronger.

“Everything feels right.”

The game looks enormous when it comes to “things to do”. You can easily sink in a lot of play hours without ever getting bored. The game really shines when it comes to “variety”. Every creature, environment, weapon, armor set, … has been carefully designed to be unique and in that case, “Hats off Capcom! A job well done! The design team has taken so much into account, that the game feels overwhelming at first, but every piece of the puzzle is unique and even days after launch, they already push the game further in their design. They’re releasing “Ryu’s armor set” from Street Fighter and Eloy’s skin from “Horizon: Zero Dawn”. The crafting system is amazing to use, and it can be quite addicting, to push yourself one step further to create the ultimate armor set. Each armor set will have bonuses that’ll influence your character’s stats.


Even though the game is a blast to play, it doesn’t come without problems. The combat system can feel “anti-fun” as the animations look a bit clunky. Then again, when I think about it, the game isn’t your fast-paced hack-and-slash game like God of War. It also doesn’t need to be this kind of game, because this makes you think about when to go in for the kill. It makes you think about your moves to get the best out of it. The clunky system will be “a love or hate” kind of situation, people will like it for it’s challenging gameplay, but others will quickly feel underpowered when they’re not using their weapons or set of skills correctly. The game’s story is okay but it’s not the best I’ve ever seen. It does keep you interested enough to see almost the whole continent. The game also does feel a bit “weird” as some things are too unique that they’ll feel out of place. And of course, the game’s large information box is overwhelming from the start and you’ll have to chew your way out of it. But it all feels “forgettable” when you’re experiencing some of the best moments I had in a while.


We also can’t forget to mention is the “online aspect” of the game. Each start of a quest, allows you to invite friends to join or the game also allows you to join another party. The online aspect works well and is very reliable, but it can feel like a bit of a drag when you must send out the invites every single time. It’s not like your party will always be “your party”. The invitation system could use some work to make the game a lot more enjoyable and less of a hackle. This system works when it’s all about the side quests, but the main quest suffers from some inconsistencies as well, it’s not enjoyable when each party member has to start up its own main quest before he can enter your story quest. It takes away a lot of fluency and it can become a nuisance that’ll take some of the fun away. Just go for a more streamlined procedure, create a public or private party, the team leader picks out a quest and just be done with it. All this hassle for nothing more beneficiary.



Monster Hunter World is a game that has drawn my attention from the first trailer I saw, but I feared it’s overwhelming content and challenges. However, I placed my concerns on the side and I tried it… It has been a blast ever since. Yes, it’s overwhelming, challenging and it has some problems or difficulties but I’m sure a lot of these “problems” will be changed in the future or even smoothed. Though, all of these imperfections are things I’m willing to see through because it’s such a blast. The game will always have lovers and haters, but it’s all about your willingness. Get it, absorb some information, sink in some hours and it’ll convince you of its capabilities. I also chewed myself through the bad parts, and I’m glad to say that Monster Hunter World isn’t unfamiliar with my gaming vocabulary anymore.