Review: OK K.O.! Let’s Play Heroes

OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes is a popular cartoon that runs on Cartoon Network. The series follows the titular character, K.O., and his efforts to become the world’s greatest hero, while working at Gar’s Bodega (run by the no-nonsense Mr. Gar), a hero supply shop in the Lakewood Plaza strip mall. Alongside him are his best friends and co-workers Radicles, an apathetic, narcissistic alien, and Enid, a levelheaded big sister-like employee, as well as other heroes who work and frequent the area.

Let’s Be Heroes

As the title already suggests, you won’t be watching a cartoon while playing, you’ll take control over our new hero O.K. At the start of our story, O.K. and all other heroes in the town lost their power and hero rank, measured by so-called hero cards. the evil Lord Boxman brought everyone’s level back to zero, reducing the crazy amount of powerful enemies. It’s your task to rise in level and become the best possible hero the town has ever witnessed. By making friends, solving quests and fighting off enemies, you’ll eventually rise in level and piece by piece, you’ll become a stronger and better superhero.


The game is created with Lakewood Plaza Turbo as the central HUB. It’s here where you’ll run around daily, trying to find new quests. By talking to the right person, you’ll be able to activate a new quest and hopefully clear it for some extra points. The catch here is the fact that everything feels rather the same after a while. K.O. clocks in for his daily shift and tries to clear as many quests as possible before the end of his shift. Of course, the more you play, the more of the actual plaza you’ll unlock but we never could shake the feeling we’ve seen and done everything before. Talking to these characters over and over again simply just to get a new quest takes too much time to remain fun. To make things worse, most quests revolve around the same mechanics. You’ll either end up on a quest where you’ll need to fetch an item or character or one where you’ll find some of the many enemies. More variation in the quest wouldn’t hurt the game.

Time to fight!

Combat forms the main attraction of this game and it’s actually fun. It’s set in on a 2D ground where you can use several moves in order to take down your enemies. K.O. can use a standard punch, low kick, uppercut (time to juggle), a bounce attack and a dodge roll. Using the dodge roll isn’t crucial but those who are willing to master it will be rewarded with more awesome stuff at the end of the battle. The biggest trick here is the Hero Card. K.O. can collect multiple Hero Cards during his adventures by gaining money and use it to get some Hero Cards in vending machines. Eventually, you’ll unlock a hero’s Powie Zowie that will fight with you in battle. You can equip two of those and when your meter is full, you can use them. They seem a bit overpowered but they are a lot of fun to use in combat for sure.


Fighting is surprisingly fluid and fun and thanks to the special powers, it offers more variation than the missions themselves. The more you advance, the more powers you’ll unlock. It’s a fun system but it fails to remain interesting until the very end. With the addition of bosses, the team tried to implement some more variation but since the actions of the combat always remain the same, it becomes a bit boring after a while. Of course, this game is aimed at a younger audience and I’m sure they’ll enjoy it a lot more, especially thanks to the strong presentation of the game.

Strong presentation

What the game does best is without a doubt its presentation. It’s impressive to see that the team managed to find a style that both fits the cartoon and modern gaming standards. The game looks colorful, sharp and detailed. All characters are designed with care and it’s great to see just how good the models look. To make it even better, the original cast voices the heroes during the cutscenes so those are never boring to watch. Fans of the series will enjoy every second of this while newcomers might even want to check out the cartoon after they bonded with these virtual characters in this game.

OK K.O.! Let's Play Heroes


The game clearly isn’t aimed at the hardcore gamer but at younger gamers who like the cartoon. If you take a look at this from the right perspective, it’s actually a fun and good game, better than many others on the market. The main problem is the lack of variation in combat and quests, making it not as much fun as it could have been. If you’re looking for a fun present for the kids, this game certainly is an option. I’m sure younger players will have a blast with this!



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