Indie Corner: Guns, Gore and Cannoli 2

The Sequel of the much-appreciated Guns, Gore and Cannoli; this game is made by Belgian developers Crazy Monkey Studios. The first game was called one of the best in its genre and the second game does not let down either. This side-scroller is set just a few years after the first game in 1944. This time we got caught by the mob and we have to fight our way out.

When you get through the first few levels, you are out for revenge on the mob-boss that is trying to take you out. However, you discover that this boss is operating from no other place than Thugtown. Yes, Thugtown, the place you had to escape in the first game, filled with zombies, mobsters, and the army. So, you head back into Thugtown, all guns blazing in search for the crime lord that wants your head.

gg&c2 2

You start off with a chainsaw and gradually find more and bigger weapons. You have to kill every mobster, cop, soldier, and zombie that dares to cross your path. The game is just as fun as the first one and improved on almost every aspect, from graphics to the response of the camera angle. The game of course also features a very good co-op which is really fun to play with friends.

Once you get a good part into Thugtown, you notice that the enemies are changing. The military is starting to show up in German outfits. And then the plot changes and you have to go to Normandy at the exact time when the allies are attacking. You go ahead and help them a lot in turning around this war.


Just as it was in the first game you have to play a bit more tactical when playing in single player than you do in co-op. The co-op experience tends to get really chaotic with bullets and explosions all around you. In single player mode, you have these occasional moments where you have to stop shooting and think about a plan to tackle the next set of bad guys.

This is a well-made game with lots of humor and action. If you like platformer/shooter games, this might be the one for you. It’s a game for a very fair price which will guarantee you lots of fun when playing alone or with some friends. After quite some hours it does tend to get a bit repetitive, not in the story but in your actions. You have to do a lot of the same stuff in different scenarios. All in all, it’s a good game.


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