Indie Corner: Toki Tori 2+

Toki Tori 2+ has a history when it comes to Nintendo platforms, as it originally released on Wii U way back in 2013. Two Tribes, the developer, constantly tweaked the game to perfection, making it a better game every time a new patch went online. Since a lot of time has passed after the Wii U release, it’s clear to say that this Nintendo Switch version is the better one, even without the need to call it a ‘Deluxe Version’.

Easy to control, hard to master

At first sight, Toki Tori is an incredibly cheerful and easy platformer where you maneuver the little yellow chick through multiple cute locations. Everything looks and sounds adorable and there’s no way you would have thought there’s actually a harder game hiding behind the cute looks, but that’s the case. Toki Tori 2+ isn’t an easy game and can better be described as a rather difficult environmental puzzle game with straightforward controls.


You control the little chick from left to right on the screen and only use two buttons. One is to sing, this can be used as a small ‘weapon’ or to communicate with one of many other creatures found in the world. The other button is used for your stomp, which destroys certain objects and enemies. It’s clever to give the players this limited control since therefore, the game is extremely easy to learn. You won’t have a hard time during your first minutes of the game since everything is rather easy to solve. To more you advance, however, the more complicated everything gets.

More and more complex

What I like most about Toki Tori 2+ is the way it handles its learning curve. As mentioned before, the first levels are incredibly easy, only featuring a minimum of creatures and objects to interact with. The more you advance, the more things the game throws at you. You’ll have to take multiple creatures into consideration and you’ll need to plan ahead in order to get the right creature or right object at the right location. It’s not always easy and some levels really require some good old thinking outside of the box. Since everything is so cute and adorable, you don’t want to kill any of the cute little creatures, this is the perfect boost for a perfect run.


Talking about the levels, Two Tribes really knows how to create good-looking and fun to play levels. Although the visuals are rather limited, it does match the game perfectly. Yes, everything looks rather ‘easy’ but the visuals are extremely sharp and colorful. Prepare for a lot of surprises in the small but gorgeous world.

A perfect fit for Nintendo Switch

It’s clear from the start, this isn’t just another one of those Switch ports, only aimed to make a lot of money. The developers really did their best to translate the game to the Nintendo Switch and they succeeded without a  doubt. The game looks gorgeous in television mode and handheld mode. Personally, I like to play games like these in the palm of my hands so I’m very happy to see the graphics don’t suffer from it. Combine this with a solid soundtrack and you know you’re playing a quality product. Again, don’t be mistaken with its cute looks, you’ll have to work for results since Toki Tori 2+ will throw you a lot of challenges without always explaining what it expects from you.


The Nintendo Switch version also comes with an important new feature, after a while, you can learn a checkpoint melody which enables you to create checkpoints wherever you want. This offers a great solution for the harder levels, this way, you won’t have to replay those over and over again. It doesn’t make the game any easier, it just makes it more bearable.


Toki Tori 2+ isn’t a new game but it still is a very fun game to play nowadays. It aged very well thanks to the extra features and it’s just a great game to have on your Nintendo Switch. If you’re looking for a fun but challenging puzzle platformer game, this is currently one of the best picks in the eShop.


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