Little Traingle

Indie Corner: Little Triangle

Welcome to our review of Little Triangle, a punch-packing platformer on Nintendo Switch!

Little Kingdom was invaded by the enemies. Hero Little Triangle! Save your friends and fight to take back the kingdom!! Little Triangle is a side-scrolling action game. Button operations are simply walking and jumping. Complete the stages by defeating the unique enemy characters and bosses!


That is the official description and it is completely true, a very simple way to play, though there is more to it than that. The game introduces a double jump which allows for full control as to how you use it. A mechanic I absolutely love, either go for the long jump, the high jump or the long diagonal jump. The freedom you are given is both a blessing and a curse in disguise. Luckily the game provides a great first level/tutorial that shows you everything you need to know about the game.


Unlike most classical platformers, Little triangle is actually a big provider of alternative missions! Along the expansive levels, there are coins to find. You can find and set free the captured civilians. The game emphasizes going for 100%, though it does not appear to prevent you from passing to new levels when you succeed in clearing the level.


The game is sporting a very cutesy graphical style, giving the characters a rather comical approach to being triangle shaped figures with arms and legs. The enemies are even funnier, one resembles a tomato wearing a hat, … They are not easy though, this game is surprisingly challenging, though far from impossible. It does provide a lot of mini save points so the distance to cross is more than fair. Just some levels are harder than others, a lot comes down to finesse, how well you can handle the controls, it will all improve your experience with this game.


So what is wrong with the game? As fun as it can be, as comical as it is, in the end, it does only add the variety of extra stuff to get your attention, remove that part and you are stuck with “yet another platformer”, a good platformer mind you, but it is nothing special. When someone would ask me in 1 year from now what my favorite platformers of the past year were, I am just not sure I would mention this game. Right now, I am enjoying it very much, my 80% rating will show this, but I can’t say it will stand the test of time.


Like I already spilled the beans, I am giving this a great passing grade at 80%. This game brings a fun way to pass my time, it is not the most expensive of games either, priced at a sweet price point of 15. I think it is well worth your time and money to give this a try. Like I said, not 100% sure if it will stand the test of time, but if you are looking for a fun game right now, give this game a shot! Let us know on in the comments what you thought!


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