Indie Corner: Paper Wars Cannon Fodder

Welcome to our review of Paper Wars – Cannon Fodder! A remake of a WII-game out now on Nintendo Switch!

Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder Devastated is the refreshed, updated, remastered, and enhanced edition of the beloved Wii tower defense-like game! With updated graphics built from the ground up in Unity and a brand-new chapter where we’ve exchanged soldiers for zombies, it’s just better than ever!


Prepare to face wave after wave of enemy soldiers and vehicles trying to cross the battlefield – don’t let them!!! Get in your tank, take control of the cannon, and wipe them out. Collect power-ups to call in an airstrike, use a special triple-shot skill, or slow time, well, to slow time! Simple and effective. Just be careful not to blow up the power-ups. Friendly fire, soldier! Friendly fire!!!

The premise of this game is time-tested, it has withstood aging and it is beloved by many. The base mechanic is tower defense. In this case, you are tasked with how many enemies you need to blow up and how many you can let pass without a game over.

In the bottom, your weapon of choice, a tank. Shoot at the hordes of enemies, clear the level or attack wave and you move on to the next. This is where the game gets interesting. The enemies seem to have their own attack patterns to run past you. Some are fast, some are slow. Some come in waves, others attack alone. It is more than just attacking them, it is about maximizing your damage dealt with your weapon or item of choice.


My favorite, the slow down function, which really helps you grab a breath in the frenzy. Though you may disagree and prefer attacks like the mines more, they do have their advantage as they do not require a startup time. Your main gun does and while this game is played with the touchscreen, it prevents you from just rapidly poking your screen and shoot off flurry after flurry of salvos. This is a good thing, but it can also be very frustrating!

Frustrating in a way that you can see the enemies run by you, knowing you don’t have the time needed to shoot them down. Very frustrating if that happens to be the reason you fail a level. There are 3 difficulty levels and the higher you go,  the more frustrating it felt to me. Maybe I was just being bad at sniffing out where to shoot, but I did purposely replay a few levels to see what approach to take, which did not really help me.

As an idea, this game is quite novel, it has a certain amount of fun, but that is usually depending on how much time and effort you want to invest in the game. I ended up flaking out as this game is something I would more likely see myself playing on my iPhone rather than my Nintendo Switch. But that is my impression, it just felt like a mobile game more than a game made for Switch.


In conclusion, the game is not going to be for everyone, it looks simplistic, but I actually thought the graphics were cool and very befitting a game of a smaller scope like this. It does provide a rather easy learning curve and it is very comfy to get into it. Is it worth it, I think I will give it the benefit of the doubt. I am not done with this game just yet and I will give it another go after a few days!

My rating is 60%


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