Indie Corner: Project Xenon Valkyrie+

Welcome to our review of Project Xenon Valkyrie+, a new indie on PlayStation 4.

Xenon Valkyrie+ combines the Roguelite and Platformer genres with RPG elements. Talk to characters, level up by killing monsters in randomly-generated dungeons, and find items and secrets to help you in your quest!

By diving into the randomly generated dungeons, it becomes clear pretty quickly that this game is not for the casual gamer but more for the advanced gamer. At least this was the impression I got. Having a really tiny sword which was mostly useless during boss battles, mostly due to the self-inflicted damage I ended up taking when getting too close and obviously getting hit way more than I wanted.


Based upon the perma-death principle, this game brings a very hard approach to a game that would otherwise be just another pea in the pod. The classic style graphics are hot nowadays but that also means it did not really stand out graphically either. It just becomes another one of those… Though no disrespect is meant, I love the graphics but it just does not stand out!

So what does stand out? The versatility in how to approach the game. At one point I had just passed the first level for my first time, standing in front of a shop, spending the in-game currency. I upgraded my weapon. If you defeat a boss, you can unlock more weapons, a nice little addition. I loved how the variety of weapons add more flavor to the game. Sadly the game does begin a little bland and it is mostly due to perseverance that this game becomes more and more likable. This might not be appealing to everybody though.


With the perma-death principle in mind, this game can also be frustrating, losing progress is something nobody ever likes. I sometimes wonder why this principle is so well liked as I am not liking it at all. I could see this game being more fun without it. But that is my personal opinion on the matter. Do feel free to disagree!

In conclusion, this game is a bit of a mixed bag of emotions for me, a great chiptune soundtrack, a small size on my hard disk, a pretty cool game, … on the positive side.

A punishing perma-death on the other side, making it hard for me to fully enjoy the game, I am sure however that if you like these games, you will fully enjoy this one.

For me, I think that after my gameplay and putting aside my dislike for the genre, my rating comes down to 70%!



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