Review: Bridge Constructor Portal

Bridge Constructor Portal is a bridge constructor game as there have been many before, yet this one has a very special twist. This game has an official Portal license, by Valve, to use all of Portal’s sound effects and trademark attributes and even story elements. This is what makes this game one of the best Bridge Constructors that has ever been made in my opinion. As a big Portal fan (I replayed the two games just a few weeks ago for the millionth time), it’s awesome to get another game that leans into the world of Aperture Science.

In this game, you get a job interview to become a constructor for Aperture Science. When you get through this your boss GLaDOS makes you do a few tests to see if you are really ready for the job. These tests, of course, escalate in the typical Portal way. The game consists of 60 test rooms each more difficult than the last one. Just as in the original Portal games you easily walk through the first rooms and as you go on, some aspects are added to make everything more difficult.


In the first few test rooms you go through you just learn the basics from none other than GLaDOS herself. You get to build bridges and complete puzzles to get your Aperture Science Vehicles to the end of the room. When you successfully manage to get a vehicle through the room, you get the option to send a convoy over your constructions. This convoy consists of a group of vehicles, the amount may vary in each room.

The puzzles in the game aren’t too hard and it really feels like you’re solving these in the world of Portal more so than in the world of Bridge Constructor in my opinion. So that is a very good point for this game. You get the actual voice of GLaDOS as she explains the mechanics to you, tells you a story or just makes fun of you. Also, a lot of references to Portal are found in this game, such as what you should do when life gives you lemons, the famous quote by Aperture Science Founder Cave Johnson.


In the game you have to build bridges and can use scaffolding and bridge elements together with some Aperture Science heavy-duty rope to keep everything in place. With these bridges, you escort your forklifts through a puzzle filled with buttons that open doors, lasers, turrets (with their awesome voice lines), and pits of poisonous liquid that instantly kill everyone that comes into contact with it and lastly, more threats. After each room you can see how much money you spent on building your bridges and maybe better yourself when you do a second run.

This game was just a tremendous amount of fun to play. The controls on Nintendo Switch work well but sometimes act a bit awkward when the cursor doesn’t snap to the location you want it to. However, when you get more familiar with the controls this is, of course, no problem at all. This is a game that is sold for a very reasonable price and is, therefore, a must-have game for fans of both Bridge Constructor and Portal alike. Are you new to both worlds? Well, this game might get you very interested in both games and give you the opportunity to discover some very funny, yet smart, games. This game is available on almost every platform thinkable like Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, iOS, Linux and Mac OS.



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