Indie Corner: Ultimate Spot the Difference Edition

Welcome to our review of Ultimate Spot the Difference Edition, a game released on Nintendo Switch.

We all know how to play these games, you got 2 separate pictures and you need to find the difference within a preset amount of time. The strength in games like these, being versatile or tricky.

This game claims to be the Ultimate Edition, so let us treat it that way too! When I think ultimate edition, I consider it to be the best iteration of the game possible. But it was not. It is a good game that has stood the test of basic gameplay, but there are a few things off.


First, the basic graphics of the game, which seem like no real time was invested in them. It is all just so very basic, I know you can’t really do more, but they look like they were made last century on MS Paint.

Often I had screens to compare, where it was clear they were photoshopped in a few places, like the screen with the strawberries, which clearly had overlaying layers with multiple extra strawberries. I once mistook one of them for being wrong, just because of how it looked.


The puzzles themselves have 4 differences which can go from disappearing objects to changing colors or shapes. When you are stuck, you can always go for an escape to keep your streak alive. Like all iterations of this game, this one is based on a time challenge mechanic as well.

Some puzzles are unbelievably easy while some are just weirdly difficult. The sad part here is that you sometimes start a new game with one of the harder puzzles, not very appealing to me! My first gameplay had me at 5600+ points which is still my top score, more than 2 hours down the line.

The gameplay itself is easy, you can use the touchscreen while playing in handheld mode or use the Joy-Con to move a pointer around the screen. All in all, this is very basic, but the game does not really need complicated controls, the way they handled things, I consider that to be a great choice. As I tend to play almost exclusively in handheld mode, I used the touchscreen for my entire gameplay. I did try the controls a little but quickly went back to the touchscreen.


One remark needs to be made here, there is one puzzle, where you compare 2 pictures, depicting the reading poster in an opticians office. At one point, there is a mistake that simply does not register properly. Neither control registers it and after wasting an escape, it turns out there is a point just below that registers as wrong, but heck, the screen switches too quickly to the Game Over screen that I was unable to really compare and see if there were really only 4 mistakes or if a fifth had snuck in…

Another annoying part, I was unable to take screenshots for my review, so I had to go for the ones I found online.

In conclusion, it is great to see a game like this pop up on the eShop, it does provide a mini-game from now and then. Is it the Ultimate Edition? Anything but, it feels like it was made last century and with the aforementioned issues that I faced, I can only give it a low score. The genre provides enough fun to keep the rating at 40%.

My rating is 40%


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